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Year R Starters September 21

Please find photos of Robins Class below. We know that our classroom always looks and feels happier when it's full of smiling faces. We're very much looking forward to welcoming all of our new Robins into school on Monday morning! 



Welcome to our new Year R starters website page. We're going to use this page to share story videos, helpful information and links to our virtual tours. 


We'll continue to add to this page over the summer holiday, please do continue to check the page for new additions and please contact the school if you have any questions.


Miss Gilbody

Robins Class Teacher 

Home Visits


I'll be emailing out home visit times for September in the week beginning 26.07.21.



Click here to watch an introduction and The Snail and the Whale read by Miss Gilbody.

Click here to watch The Bumblebear read by Miss Gilbody.

Click here to watch Oi Frog read by Miss Gilbody.

Click here to watch Don’t worry little crab read by Miss Gilbody 

Click here to watch Sugarlump and the unicorn read by Miss Gilbody 

Virtual Tours 


Please click here to view our school's virtual open day. 


Please click here to view a virtual tour of our school with Miss Gilbody. 

Timetable for September 


After the summer holidays, our new Year R children will start school on Monday 6th September and will do a week of mornings in school before starting full time the following week (Monday 13th September). We hope that this initial week will give the children the chance to get to know their new classroom, the adults in school and become familiar with certain class routines before starting full time. On the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the first week of term, the children will finish school at 12:00, before lunchtime. On the Thursday and Friday, the children will spend the morning AND lunchtime in school, leaving school at 1:00.

Please see the table below for dates and times of the first week of term for our new year Rs.


Monday 6th September

Morning only

Finish at 12:00

Tuesday 7th September

Morning only

Finish at 12:00

Wednesday 8th September

Morning only

Finish at 12:00

Thursday 9th September

Morning and lunch

Finish at 1:00

Friday 10th September

Morning and lunch

Finish at 1:00


Full days from Monday 13th September


We are hoping to be able to return to our usual times of an 8:45 start and 3:05 finish for the school day in September. If we are not able to do this and have to keep our current slightly staggered start and finish times then we will, of course, let you know.

Early Birds and Woodpeckers

Early Birds and Woodpeckers are our breakfast and after school clubs. Breakfast club (Early Birds) and afterschool club (Woodpeckers) will be available for those Year Rs who need them from Monday 13th September (the Year Rs first full day of school). During the first week of term in September, you will all be given access to our school's online booking system. On this system, you will be able to book Early Birds, Woodpeckers and school lunches.