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World Book Day

Today (Thursday 4th) is World Book Day!


As it's World Book Day, I've read two new stories, both are stories that I really enjoy reading and I've uploaded them here for you to watch. 

Peter Rabbit


The Storm Whale 

As it's World Book Day today, you might like to spend the day thinking about your favourite stories.


  • Have a look at the books that you have at home, have you got a favourite? 
  • You could ask members of your family what their favourite story is.
  • You could choose your favourite story and create a picture to represent it or a picture of a character or scene from the story.
  • You could write a sentence about your favourite story, possibly about why it is your favourite.
  • You might like to create a dressing up outfit (using things that you have around your home) for a character from your favourite story.