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In this section you can find links to websites where you can find resources to keep children learning. Many Educational websites are offering free log on and free trials so you can download some of their resources. A good list of these websites is available on kidsactivitiesblog.com.


Above all, please remember that when this is all over and children are back at school every child is in the same boat and they will be okay. At the end of these challenging and changing times, their mental health will be far more important than their academic skills. Please keep safe!

Reading Scavenger Hunt - Can you find them all?

Keep on Trying

Year 1 and 2 sing 'Keep on Trying'
Listen at home and join in if you know it!



1. Joe Wicks kids workout:

"P.E with Joe" | Daily LIVE workouts for kids | The Body Coach

Available on You Tube and Facebook


2. Cosmic Kids Yoga and Meditations:



Here you can find lyrics and music by Mrs Elmslie. You can also follow the link below for more weekly songs. Keep on singing !

Musical ideas for the holidays from the Hampshire Music Service
Sing Up are offering a free new song for children daily on their new home schooling area to keep us all singing. Please have a look and sing.
The BBC ten pieces website has 3 seasons of pieces for you to listen to, and for instrumentalists why not look at the musical arrangements for your favourite piece, there are different graded arrangements to suit all stages of your learning. www.bbc.co.uk>CBBC>TenPieces.









Virtual Museum tours  from around the world like British Museum , Melbourne museum to name a few.


BBC resources in all its forms: BBC school radio, BBC bitesize, CBBC