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We hope this answers many of the questions you have about your child starting at Wherwell School.


What time does the school day start?

The morning session begins promptly at 8.45am.    Children should not arrive before 8.35am as there is no official supervision on the playground until this time.


… and end?


School ends at 3.05pm.  The children will leave school on time, please be there to collect them!



When will my child need to bring in their PE kit?

PE kit should always be available in school so they should bring in a PE kit on Mondays and take it home for washing on Fridays.


We do sell PE bags in the school office (£3.50).


Waterbottles are given free of charge to children when they start school.   Thereafter replacements are available from the school office at 80p each.


A bookbag will also be given to each child starting school.   Thereafter replacements from the school office will cost £3.75.


Can my child bring a toy into school?

The rule is that any toy brought into school must be ‘smaller than an adult’s hand’ so that they can fit comfortably into the class storage box.    Also, all toys are brought in ‘at their own risk’, so please don’t let your child bring anything really, really special or fragile into school with them – these should wait at home for your child’s return!


Can my child bring a mid-morning snack into school?

Fruit is provided, free of charge, to all infant children under the ‘Fruit for schools’ scheme.     If your child wants to bring in a snack from home it must be fruit (or vegetable) only. 



What about school dinners?

Our school dinners are delicious!     Children choose at morning registration between a meat or vegetarian option.   The meals are served in the school hall and are served ‘plated’ so that even the pickiest child has a balanced meal including vegetables.  


From September 2014 all Infant children will receive a free school meal.


Children can, of course, also bring in a packed lunch from home if they would prefer.  


What if my child is sick?

If your child is unable to come to school please telephone the school office to let us know on the first morning of their illness (01264) 860384, or e.mail reporting@wherwell.hants.sch.uk , and copying in the class teacher. For more details on authorised absences, please check our attendance section under key information or click here. 

At 9:30 each day Mrs Hall will telephone the parents of any absent child that the school has not heard from.


Can I take my child out of school for a holiday during term time?

We are no longer able to authorise holidays in term time and any such absence would go down on your child’s record as unauthorised. For more details please click here or visit the attendance section on this website.


Where should I park when delivering my child to school and collecting them at the end of the day?

You should park in the playing fields car park adjacent to the school and walk your child to school through the gates that connect the field directly to the school playground.   For the safety and security of the children, this gate is locked at 8.45am and thereafter you will need to enter school through the front door. If there are no spaces in the car park and you are forced to park on the road, please leave sufficient sight lines for cars to emerge from the car park safely.

  No parking is permitted in the bus bay at the front of the school. You can however drop off your child here but please do not leave your car yourself. We have a disabled parking space at the front of the school.


Please Do Not turn in the staff car park.


There is also a school bus serving Chilbolton.   We encourage all parents who are eligible to use the bus to do so.   This not only reduces congestion in the car park and benefits the environment but also ensures the continued provision of this service


Can I help in my child’s class?

When your child is happily settled into school you might want to help in class (hearing readers etc.).   All helpers in school must be DBS checked.   Details of how to apply for a DBS check are available from the school office. Prior to starting to help in class, please click here to learn about the School's Health and Safety and Safeguarding Procedures for visitors, volunteers and temporary staff.


How do you let me know what’s happening at the school and in my child’s class?

There is a school newsletter every Friday which is sent out in the children’s bookbags.   Sometimes there are letters on other days too – so it is useful to check your child’s bag every day.   In addition, where possible, letters to parents will also be sent by e.mail if we have an e.mail address for you.   We also subscribe to a text messaging service which means that urgent messages and reminders will be sent as a text to your mobile phone.


What if I need out of school hours care for my child?

We run two on-site out of school hours services. Early Birds (Monday to Friday) is our morning breakfast club and Woodpeckers (Monday to Thursday) is our after-school child care club.   For more information on Early Birds, please click here and for more information on Woodpeckers, please click here


What happens at the end of the day?

If your child is being collected by someone other than yourself please let the class teacher and/or the office know. Children from Robins, Puffins, Starlings, Kingfishers and Sparrowhawks will only be released into the playground when the teacher has spotted the adult that is collecting them. The children in Housemartins will be let out into the playground by themselves but they are not allowed to leave the school playground on their own, under any circumstances, without written permission from their parents. 


If your child is signed up for any after school club and, for some reason, is not attending on a particular evening, please inform either the club leader, the class teacher or the office, so that we know that they're safely where they should be.