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The Wherwell Way

Our One Rule

Always do the right thing!

In July 2015 the children of class 3 wrote their Promise to the School in response to the School Mission Statement. This is the Wherwell Way......

Our Promise

We promise to be kind and friendly to other people and to respect them otherwise we will not have any friends.

It is important that we look after the younger children in our school. 

Our teachers teach us lots of things so we promise to always listen to them and respect them for what they do.

We promise to be honest and to want to learn and we will do our best to be the best version of ourselves by working our hardest.

We will listen to the person who is talking and respect all the children in the school because we can learn from each other.

Treat people as we would want to be treated ourselves. Always join in and don’t be afraid to get it wrong. We will make sure that we “pull back the reins” and think before we say something that we might regret.

We should face challenges that are tricky and never give up because we can get past it and then we will find it easy.

Never stop ourselves from learning.

To keep the promise to our school we will never waste time because we don’t get it back.

Sometimes we need to have a different attitude to everyone else so that we do the right thing which means we might have to ignore people. We will try not to let anything get in the way of our learning.

We must not be late for school.

It is important that we respect the environment and appreciate how lucky we are to be at such a lovely school.


And here are some examples of how the children of Wherwell are true to their promise and the school values:


Fill up someone's bucket Class 3


"When somebody is sad their buckets are very low. Therefore if you are kind, helpful or try to cheer them up, then you fill their buckets up. I will try to do that every day but sometimes everyone has a full bucket but I think at the end of the week when I look up at our display, Have I filled someone's bucket up? And every time I fill their buckets up, I fill mine up too, so we all win" By Isabella - Year 2


"Being a Librarian puts a tremendous amount of responsibility on your shoulders. If you don't do your job the whole library could be in turmoil! Luckily my love for books has turned the job into a fun little thing we do every other day. Of course I wouldn't be able to do this by myself so my friends Eben, Luciana and Brenna also take care of the library. As a librarian our job is: To take out books from the "Returned box" and put them in the right place, sort out books that might have been put in the wrong place and helping people who are having trouble with the computer but now this rarely happens!". By George H, Librarian - Year 6.

Buddy System

"At Wherwell Primary School we have a special system where the year 6 pupils get buddied up with the children that have just started school and help them to settle in. It is not always boys with boys and girls with girls it can be any gender with any gender. This buddy system not only helps build the year R’s confidence it also helps the year 6’s to take responsibility and care for someone other than themselves.  Nearly the whole school remembers their buddies and how they were so caring and helpful."

             "We all make special books for our buddies on PowerPoint.  Before doing this we first find out what our buddies like e.g: star wars or fairies. The books usually take about three to four weeks along with all the other things the year 6’s need to do. This is also part of the year 6 curriculums as it is writing for an audience. Then we publish them and bind them. Finally we give to them as gifts.   I think the buddy system is a great idea as it helps our whole school be a very special community."

By Charlotte and Jake - Year 6.