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Summer Term

Pitt Rivers Museum of Anthropology

On Wednesday class 4 travelled to the Pitt Rivers Museum, located within the Oxford Museum of Natural History. This visit gave them the opportunity to view the Benin art that they had studied in class. Their guided session gave them access to hands on experience of artefacts and information to support and inform them on the Ancient west African Kingdom of Benin.They were also able to explore the rest of the museum and they had time to look around the Natural History Museum, home to the skeletons the children studied earlier this year. They returned to school bubbling with excitement at everything they had seen. Thank you to the PTA for subsidising this trip and to the class 4 parents who organised an emergency cake sale to raise more funds and made this trip possible.


Superheroes Dance Festival

The children from Years 3 and 4 took part in a Superheroes Dance Festival at Test Valley School. The children went by coach and spent the whole day immersed in fantastic group activities. At the end of the day the gran finale included their presentation, where they were going to share their fantastic dance routine to Cold Play's Heroes- choreographed and accessorized by the children with the support of Miss C Linnecar. 

Our Assembly

Well done to the children for sharing with the whole school and thier parents all the fun activities they have been involved this term whilst learning. For example, they shared their "Scratch" creations where technology meets creativity. They also showed their clay models based on the Benin leopards, their poetry work and showed off thier maths skills in a fun quiz.

Year 4 DT

Year 4 enjoyed a day of science and DT on Tuesday when they visited Test Valley School along with children from other schools in the cluster. They began with science eggs-periments culminating in creating a pod that could safely protect an egg when parachuted from a balcony!! In the afternoon they visited the woodworks shops to create a rocket which was then launched on the school field with the aid of a catapult. Well done to Charlie and Freddie overall winners of this competition. Lots of thanks to those who made this such an enjoyable day: to Test Valley School who were, as always, very welcoming, patient and enthusiastic hosts; to the volunteer drivers Mrs Meldrum, Mrs Siokalo, Mrs McMenemy and Mr and Mrs Watt; and the children themselves for their good behaviour and enthusiasm!


Tri Golf

Well done to our enthusiastic team of Tri-Golfers who represented the school at a Tri-Golf challenge on Wednesday this week.

Rugby Tournament

Well done to all the year 4s players that took part in the tag Rugby tournament. The children played with great enthusiasm and were commended for their excellent attitude and sportsmanship- once more our children are a credit to School and its values.