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Summer Term 1 - Weekly Updates

Week beginning 09.05.22

Robins have continued with our theme of plants and growing this week. We began the week looking closely at a geranuim plant, Robins could identify the roots, stems, leaves and flowers. Some children enjoyed painting and drawing the geranium. On Tuesday afternoon, Robins Class placed a few chrysanthemum flowers in cups with water and food colouring, we discussed the job of the stem, to transport water to different parts of the plant and we guessed what might happen to our white flowers. We were very excited to see that by the end of the day on Tuesday, the flowers in the cup with the blue food colouring had started to change colour! We've left the flowers in the cups with the coloured water and enjoyed watching as all of the flowers have changed colour over the week, see photos of these below. 


We've had lots of wonderful writing in Robins Class this week, we've all been working on sounding out and writing words on whiteboards in our phonics  lessons and lots of our Robins have enjoyed adding some writing (often labels or sentences about a particular animal or character) into their own writing books!


Robins Class have also continued with some brilliant maths work this week, after creating our number line to 20 with a variety of resources last week. This week, we made a number line from 21 to 30 using Numicon, see a photo below. 

Coloured flowers and Numicon to 30!

Week beginning 02.05.22

Although the children have only had three days in school this week, Robins Class have been very busy! We've started thinking about the different parts of a plant and their very important jobs. We had a go at labelling a plant and also watched a BBC clip. After watching the clip for the second time this morning, we had a go at a BBC quiz about the different parts of a plant, we worked together well and got all of the answers correct! We are going to continue thinking about the parts of a plant and their jobs next week. 


Robins have loved playing outside in the beautiful weather this week. Some of our Robins have been busy outside and have been helping to move (and also have a good dig and a play whilst they were at it) a big pile of mud from an old raised planter into a hole.


Robins worked together on some brilliant maths work this week. We were focusing on numbers from 11 to 20, Robins worked together to create a number line starting at 11 and finishing at 20 and then used a variety of resources from the classroom to represent each of the numbers. See a photo of Robins' fantastic number line below.


We had a great PE lesson on the field on Thursday afternoon, the sun was shining and Robins enjoyed using two new pieces  of PE equipment, hurdles and ladders. Robins loved having a go with the hurdles and it was great to see their confidence grow over the lesson. As  well as having a go at travelling over the hurdles, Robins also did a lot of running and jumping over rivers (we made these using two skipping ropes) full of crocodiles! See some photos of our sunny PE lesson below. 


We tested everyone's memory this week by asking Robins a question about some learning that we'd done months ago. We asked Robins the question 'Where do penguins live?' Robins Class had remembered loads about penguins, they could tell us where lots of them lived, how they moved and even found Antarctica on a map and the globe. This then lead to a great discussion about lots of places shown on our world map and map of the UK. See a photo of our 'Sticky Learning' board with evidence of our penguin discussion below. 


As well as all of this, Robins have been super excited to see that our bean has started to grow!

Floorbook Pages week beginning 25.04.22

Week beginning 25.04.22

Robins Class have had a wonderful first week back after the Easter holidays! We've enjoyed spending lots of time outside and have had great fun playing with our new tree stump stepping stones kindly donated by a family from school. We've also been very busy planting outside and now have a wonderful selection of beautiful looking plant pots dotted around our outside area. 


Earlier this week, Robins read one of Miss Gilbody's favourite stories, Jasper's Beanstalk. Jasper, a cat, finds a bean and plants it. However, he doesn't know how to look after a bean as it grows and he's very impatient. Robins have enjoyed talking about the right way to help a bean to grow and some of the silly things that Jasper does (such as mowing over his bean)! Jasper's beanstalk has helped us practise recognising, ordering and writing the days of the week and ordering of parts of a story. We've all had a think about what might be at the top of the beanstalk (a jungle and thunder and lightning among the fantastic ideas) and have begun thinking about continuing the story beginning with Jasper climbing the beanstalk. 


After reading Jasper's Beanstalk at the beginning of the week, our fairies left us our own bean to plant. We've planted it in a small pot and are very excited about (hopefully) seeing it start to grow!


In our phonics this week, we've done lots of recapping sounds that we've learnt previously and have focussed on reading and writing four letter cvcc words such as 'land' or 'wind'. 


Please see below some photos from this week in Robins, including photos of children enjoying reading in our 'Drop Everything and Read' time.