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Spring Term

Making our own Fossils

Y4 visit to Test Valley School for a morning of Sports and Hummanities

Fractions - Hands On!

Highest Mountain on each continent models

Geology Walk

Class 4 went on a Geology Walk around Wherwell starting at the Sprat and Winkle old railway line and finishing at the Church grounds with a lovely sunny pic nic. The children had the opportunity to observe geology formations in nature through the old railway line and as they walked through the Village they were able to observe how natural and man made materials are used in conjunction for building purposes. Thank you to Mrs O'Boyle for coming with the group and for sharing her local knowledge and to all the parent helpers who accompanied the children and helped to make it enjoyable and safe for them.


Our Assembly

The children were able to show to their parents and the whole school a sample of all the activities they have been busy working so far this term. We managed to see the work they did on the Saxons bringing it to life through villages , ornaments, menus and some of their jokes. They also shared their Beowulf stories and some of the Stories with Messages and some yummy ways to learn about fractions. The gran finale included a very well choreographed dance to Black Eyes Peas. They have certainly been busy and having lots of fun!!

Making Mountains

As part of their studies of mountains , the children have been able to illustrate how the mountains were folded and how this could be observed in layers in the rock. Using flour and sand to represent the sedimentary rocks and cardboard to represent continental drifty they were able to very satisfactorily reproduce the strata effects. 

Science - Skeletons

The children in class 4 have been working with the aid of cardboard, paper clips and elastic bands to demonstrate the different muscle action every movement. They also had the chance to see, touch and feel real bones. Afterwards, they put their knowledge into action by carrying out an experiment to test if there was a relation between the length of your leg and how far you can jump. They all had a fantastic time jumping, recording data, analysing it and then putting it together in a scatter chart. 

Chinese New Year Celebrations  - Class 4

Thank you to the Zhang Family, the Chinese New Year celebrations were in full swing during the week. Eddie's family kindly donated fortune cookies for all the children and some beautiful decorations which the class enjoyed assembling, learning about Chinese culture and their traditions.



Anglo Saxon Topic

The children in class 4 have been using their knowledge of the Anglo Saxon's to create some impressive jewellery. This display is now by reception, come along and have a look.

Anglo-Saxon Jewellery

Anglo-Saxon Jewellery 1


Class 4 have been working on the story of Beowulf- specifically the first part Beowulf and Gudrun adapted for young readers. As well as sharing the story they have been working on actions to accompany the recitation ("stepping out of the story"). If your child is in class 4 they might be able to share the story and actions with you.