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Spring Term

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Our Assembly

Well done to class 3 children for a vey confident presentation of all their work during this term to their parents and the whole school. They have been busy learning about the Smashing Saxons, their dress code, their houses, their writing and some of their most unusual costumes, including the learning ditch! They also showed us some of their Slow Writing techniques and shared their lovely song from their Big Sing, surprising the audience with their knowledge of some Spanish words.


Saxon Village coming to life!

The children from class 3 spent a happy morning working in the outdoor classroom in their topic DT project. With the support and guidance of Mrs O’Boyle they were constructing Saxon houses which will  create a Saxon Village.

Better Learners

As part as their writing skills development, class 3 has been working this week on how to be a better learner. They were given the task of writing a piece for class 1 children. With their audience in mind they all agreed that the first step to be a good learner is to be a good listener. Once finished, the children went to class 1 to share with them their writing and serve as role models not only through their writing but also with their good tips on how to be a good listener. In their writing they included valuable information like what to do to be a good listener, what things to avoid and also they stretched their writing to include the consequences both positive and negative of good and bad listening.

Some of their writing included quotes like “We think it’s important because we were not listening very well and to be a good learner we need to be a good listener”. “We thought about things that distracted us, like your hair clips or your classmates” “Save your chatter for playtime”

Class 1 were incredibly good at listening to their class 3 peers, taking all the information in and showing that when a piece is written with their audience in mind, it keeps them engaged.

Last but by no means least, Percy shared with everyone the new sign to show your friends when they are trying to distract you. This is a silent sign to avoid “shushing” into someone else’s face. The next step will be for them to make signs and reminders to share with class 1.

Science in class 3

Using volunteers as either very closely packed water molecules or more widely spaced oil molecules the children in class 3 were able to visualise why water is heavier and sinks to the bottom whilst oil floats on the top. They then watched spellbound when Zoe and Ayva from Class 5 visited to demonstrate their "lava lamp" experiment which made use of this fact by floating cooking oil on top of coloured water and adding salt. The salt sank to the bottom, taking some of the oil with it, which they then watched bubbling up to the top again!.

Newspaper Articles - The Moles!!

Class 3 went outside and were quite shocked to discover all the mole hills on the school field. In their literacy they pretended to be news reporters and wrote newspapers articles. Amongst their headlines were: Mole Mischief and Mole Mayhem. "The holey moleys have come back. The children of Wherwell School are devastated that they can't go on the school field. Wherwell School is in crisis. Where did they all come from? They're criminals. They speedily turned the field into a catastrophe. It's serious. Those furry fur balls are scuffling around a bit too much. Us giants are being a bit of nuisance but they are worse. It's trouble for the children at Wherwell School because they can't play football or run around and they feel sad. Those furry little diggers are on every patch of grass that the school has.