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Spring Term 2 - Weekly Updates

Week beginning 28.03.22

Robins have had a computing focus this week and have loved exploring and playing with our BeeBots and a game on the iPads called Daisy the Dinosaur. The children have been learning about programming the BeeBots and Daisy by giving them a set instructions including movements such as 'forward' or 'jump'. Robins have all had loads of fun with this and we've been really impressed with their quick understanding when programming both the BeeBots and Daisy on the iPads. 


As well as using the school iPads for computing, we've also enjoyed using them for phonics games this week, it's so fantastic to see the children using their phonics knowledge to read the words in the games. This week, we've learnt this term's last two sounds 'ear' (near) and 'ure' (pure). We've had a go at writing the sounds and words with the sounds in and have had lots of fun listening to the week's Monster Phonics song and spotting 'ear' and 'ure' in a Monster Phonics story. 

Phonics games and programming BeeBots and Daisy the Dinosaur

Week beginning 28.02.22

Robins have had a great first week back in the classroom, they settled back into our routines quickly and calmly. We had quite an exciting start to the week when we received a letter from the fairies that used to live in the last apple tree in our outside area (this fell down in the storms the previous week). The letter told us that as the tree had fallen down, they now had no where to live. The fairies asked if Robins Class could plan and design some new homes for them. Some of our Robins had lots of fun drawing, writing about and creating new homes for the fairies to live in. We have had further letters from the fairies  everyday this week, some of our Robins have written back to the fairies and asked them questions such as what their names are and where they are going to live now. As yesterday was World Book Day, today, the fairies left us a copy of their favourite book, Tiddler. We will be focusing some of our learning on Tiddler next week. 


We had a lovely day on Thursday for World Book Day. We had fun drawing pictures from our favourite books and enjoyed reading LOTS of stories!


In our phonics this week, we learnt the 'er' sound (as in dinner). 


In our maths this week, we have been continuing our learning on number bonds to 10. Robins Class are becoming increasingly confident with this and have enjoyed a few different maths tasks this week. We've also had lots of fun making multilink models this week. 

World Book Day

Building fairy homes, counting out 10 objects, number bonds to 10, big drawing and multilink models