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Spring Term 1 - Weekly Updates

Spring Term 1

Week beginning 14.02.22

What a busy half term this has been. We are so very proud of all of our Robins, they've worked incredibly hard since coming back into school after Christmas and have continued to make us smile daily! This week, we've enjoyed playing a few 'Guess the Monster' games, linking to our Monster Phonics. We were very excited to learn our first Miss Oh No sound, oa (as in boat) and enjoyed listening to this week's oa song. 


Robins Class continue to amaze us with their fantastic storytelling, this week, we've seen verbal storytelling, storytelling using pictures on a long roll of paper and writing words and sentences to tell stories too. Robins are still enjoying telling stories to the class in our 'Helicopter Stories' time, this is something that we will be continuing after half term.


We enjoyed using our 'happy pebbles' for a couple of Stormbreaks this week. Robins Class sat in a comfortable spot in the classroom, holding their happy pebble and thought about something that makes them smile and feel happy. We were very impressed with how sensibly Robins had a go at this and very much enjoyed hearing about the things that make them feel happy after the Stormbreak.


A few photos from this week will be added during half term next week.


I hope you are all staying safe on this incredibly windy day! We hope that our Robins all have a wonderful half term and a good rest!  We look forward to seeing everyone back in class on Monday 28th February. :) 

Week beginning 07.02.22

This week, we moved onto something different in class, we decided to use the expertise of a few of our Robins and spend the week thinking about trains! We enjoyed creating a train station role play area in our classroom and making lots of train pictures. We had lots of fun using big cardboard boxes to make our own train in our outside area. It was wonderful to see how our Robins worked together to create their train model. 


This week, we learnt the 'or' (as in fork) sound in phonics. We very much enjoyed listening to the new 'or' song and we all had a great go at writing some 'or' words.


We have continued to enjoy creating our own Helicopter Stories this week with more and more children deciding to have a go at writing a few words or a sentence for their own stories as well as telling them to the class. We all enjoy our Helicopter Story time!


This week, we had another go at the Buddy Run Stormbreak, this involved us walking around the classroom in little groups, as we walked, we discussed our favourite places to be. We've also all painted a pebble which we can now use for the Stormbreak 'Pebble Meditation', we will have a go at this next week. Robins were asked to paint a picture of something that made them feel happy onto their pebble. We enjoyed talking about things that make us feel happy and loved seeing all of the painted pebbles. 

Happy Pebbles and Buddy Run

Week beginning 31.01.22

This week, we continued thinking about the story Puffin Peter and enjoyed finding all about puffins! We had lots of fun making puffin pictures, reading puffin stories and watching clips of puffins. We were really excited to see lots of Robins having a go at writing words and sentences to show their puffin findings. A few children enjoyed watching a clip of the author and illustrator showing us how he draws the character Puffin Peter and having a go at using pencils, watercolour paints and crayons to create our own Puffin Peter pictures.


In our phonics, we were very excited to be learning our first Angry Red A sound 'ai' (as in train). We were really impressed by lots of fantastic reading and writing from Robins Class!


Week beginning 24.01.22

This week, Robins have really enjoyed getting back into our 'Helicopter Stories' routine. This is part our our school day when we sit in a big oval and use the space in the middle as a stage. The children take it in turns to tell a short story (one they've created themselves) and choose other children to act the story out on 'the stage'. Robins Class love our helicopter story time and often ask if we can fit a few more stories into our day. The children's stories are always recorded in writing on a whiteboard by an adult, we keep these in our helicopter stories book. This week, we were incredibly impressed with a group of children who decided to have a go at writing a few words or sentences to tell their own stories!


At the beginning of the week, we enjoyed finishing some Blue Penguin artwork. We then moved onto a new story, written and illustrated by the same author, called Puffin Peter. We thought this book was great fun and we're going to continue focusing on this in class next week. 


In our phonics lessons this week, we've had lots of fun listening to some of the older Monster Phonics songs that we haven't heard in a while. This week, we focused on the sound 'ur' (turn).

Helicopter Stories Time

Week beginning 17.01.22

This week, Robins Class have continued our topic of penguins, focusing in particular on researching facts about penguins, for example where they live and about the different species of penguins. We were very excited to discover that there is in fact a species of penguin called the Little Blue Penguin. We decided that this meant that the penguin from the story Blue Penguin is in fact a real penguin, he is just different from the others. We enjoyed finally listening to the end of the story earlier this week. 


We began our new 'Child of the Week' routine this week. Our chosen child told us lots of wonderful facts about himself, his family and the things that he likes to do. We all loved listening to these and are looking forward to finding out lots of interesting facts about next week's child of the week. 


We have focused on the 'ee' (tree) sound in phonics this week, we enjoyed listening to the new Monster Phonics song and had a go at lots of wonderful 'ee' writing. 


We've enjoyed exploring outside on the frosty mornings this week, especially today (Friday), it was very cold and the school field looked beautiful and frosty. Just before home time on Thursday, a few Robins children placed small bowls of water outside, we were very excited to find that they had frozen overnight!


We've really enjoyed using 5 frames on the interactive whiteboard to count the number of children in class everyday this week. This is something that most of us have become very confident with over the week and that we will continue next week. 

Busy penguin writing and drawing and counting the number of children in the class using 5 frames

Week beginning 10.01.22

This week, Robins have enjoyed starting the book Blue Penguin. We began by looking at a few pictures from the book and the front cover and then by reading a few pages. We've had lots of wonderful discussions as a class this week about where the Blue Penguin lives, what it's like where he lives and how the Blue Penguin is feeling at a few points in the first part of the story. We had loads of fun one afternoon, looking at a map of the world and deciding, using only the few pictures that we'd looked at and our prior knowledge of penguins, where we thought the Blue Penguin lived. Robins Class really enjoyed looking at the world map, we now have it stuck in our classroom for the children to study whenever they like! This morning, we also looked at a map of the UK, we had a talk about the different countries in the UK and looked at where we lived. Again, the children really enjoyed this and continued going back to the map during their choosing time. We will be continuing with our Blue Penguin story next week. 


In our inside PE this week, we continued working on our balances and jumps and enjoyed creating a short sequence containing a jump and two balances. As well as working on our balances and jumping, we had a focus on watching each other's sequences and working together in small groups. In our outside PE, we had loads of fun rolling and bouncing balls to each other. 


In this week's phonics lessons, we've focused on the Brown Owl 'ow' sound. Earlier in the week, Robins particularly enjoyed an 'ow' word hunt around the classroom. We had lots of 'ow' words stuck around  the room and Robins had fun searching for the words, some children even started writing lists of the words that they found. We've been really impressed to see lots of brilliant writing and reading linked to our phonics in class this week!


We've also enjoyed taking part in our Stormbreaks in class this week, we've even had a go at a few new ones, Nature Snaps, Class Compliments and Buddy Run. 

Nature Snaps and Buddy Walk Stormbreaks, phonics word hunt and exploring maps!

Week Beginning 04.01.22

We very much enjoyed welcoming our Robins back into school this week! We quickly got started back on our Monster Phonics lessons which Robins Class were very happy about, this week we have learnt the short 'oo' sound (as in book). 


We have enjoyed reading a lovely (and quite funny) book called 'Penguin' by Polly Dunbar this week, we've been thinking about the characters in the book and their feelings at different points in the story. We also re read The Colour Monster and The Colour Monster Goes to School and had a recap on our feelings. 


Robins have worked on some fantastic maths this week, we've been focussing on the number 5 and the number 0. We've enjoyed showing different numbers on our 5 frames, some of us worked out that if we placed two 5 frames together, we made a 10 frame. Following on from this, we got the 10 frames out and lots of us enjoyed showing numbers 0 to 10 on the 10 frames. We also had a go at quickly comparing two groups of objects and deciding which group had more or less. 


Robins Class really enjoyed using the class computer today, we had a go completing a phonics game by reading a word and using the mouse to click on the matching picture. Robins are now looking forward to having a go at lots of other games and activities using the computer. 


At the beginning of the year, Robins Class chose three 'class targets' to work on, these were 'we put our hand up', 'we line up with our friends' and 'we listen to others'. This week, we've decided on three new 'class targets' to work on this term. We have decided on 'we tidy up with our friends', 'we use our quiet, calm voices inside' and 'we are kind'.


Well done for a brilliant first week back at school Robins!

Lots of amazing maths work and phonics fun on the class computer