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Spring - Jan to April 2019

Compass making

Our Assembly

The children have been immersing themselves in the Anglo-Saxon lifestyle. So far they have experienced brooches, paper men, dying with onions and cooking.  What a fantastic way to learn and experience first hand all these historic customs.

Shadow Puppet Theatres- Sharing our learning with Robins

Celtic Jewellery making

Celtic Jewellery making 1
Celtic Jewellery making 2
Celtic Jewellery making 3

We have been reading...

We have just finished Pugs of the Frozen North in our Guided Reading and most of us loved it.

The story takes place in the frozen north and the two main characters are called Shen and Sika. They want to enter a race to the top pf the world helped by their 66 pugs. They have to face cheating contestants, the kraken and some Yetis.

You’ll have to read the book yourself to find out more about the adventures, but we would really recommend it, especially if you like adventure and magic.


Picture 1

We started the year with an inspirational piece of writing:


A recipe for a Happy New Year

First you need a handful of love.

Then a teaspoon of joy and a cup of smiles to be kind to other people.

You will need a dollop of love because this makes you feel fuzzy.

Then add a bowl full of difference because you won’t want to be the same.

A handful of helping your Mum with the shopping to show you are caring.

Add a large dollop of new discoveries and blend rapidly with a spoonful of fairy dust.

Don’t forget to add a bowl of friendship because you can’t live without a friend.

Next pour in a handful of luck.

You need a hint of Mrs Collins because she’s a kind person that people should meet.

After that, pour in a cup of water so we won’t be dehydrated.

Next, sprinkle in a pinch of patience and a dash of support and fold into the dough.

Tip your dough onto an oiled surface and bash it enthusiastically with a rolling pin!

Then you must add a truck full of resilience. Everyone needs to be resilient at least once in a day.

Put in a pinch of Mrs C because she brightens our day.

Warm up 100g of pugs because the pugs are frozen!

After that, carefully put in 175g of love because love usually makes people warm and fuzzy.

A dollop of fitness is important to keep healthy.

Gently sift in some tranquillity and whisk into the mixture.

Then a dollop of happiness so you know to come to school with a smile.

Add a handful of respect because it makes people delighted and glad.

Then add a scoop of friendship, a glass of joy and a jug of kisses to help your year be the best it can.

Next I would put in a bowl of love because you should be loving and caring all the time.

Lastly, add a sprinkle of wishes as it’s good to have them.