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This Sparrowhawk had a go at a wartime recipe for carrot cake... looks yummy!

Someone is working hard on her beautiful botanical illustrations

One Sparrowhawk has been making the most of the lovely weather

Someone has been busy baking again and had the wonderful oppurtunity to experience lambing!

Fresh air walks and a 4th birthday for Poppy (the dog)

Someone enjoyed camping in his back garden.

Mading the most of the nice weather to go camping... in the garden!


What healthy and delicious looking banana and oat pancakes! As well as home made, scented playdough (conditioner and corflour!)

Someone has been busy hiking, with his sister, in his Cub uniform becuase the club is try to walk a 100 miles to the moon! Jono has also had fun with his dog and making an awesome couch fort!

Someone was lucky enough to enjoy the beauty of the bluebells, while basking in the sunshine

Someone's been busy playing board games, crafting and writing letters.

Looks like someone's been having lots of fun at home and in the sunshine.

A Sparrowhawk enjoyed creating her 'Homemade Orchestra' listen to the music she created. There are a lot of different musical elements included in her piece. What do you hear?

Poppy's Homemade Orchestra.mp3

Making the most of the great weather we had over the Easter holidays!

Someone got up to all sorts of lovely things over the Easter holidays

It looks like someone had a great break.

Someone has made some fantastic Easter eggs, out on his BMX and Clapping for Carers!

Someone's been busy baking and washing the car!

Someone has already collected and start to press her flowers!

Someone kept busy during the (mostly) sunny Easter holidays.

Pizza Wheels

Someone's been having fun in Science by creating a magic rainbow!

Someone's been ensuring that he gets his 30 minutes of exercise a day!

Someone's been enjoying getting creative in the kitchen and our continued April sunshine!

Oh my, someone seems to have a lot going on right now!

Looks like someone decide to try a new look and bake a cake in a cup!

Science - How did everyone elses Water Cycle turnout?

Oh the wonderful skills Sparrowhawks are learning!

Unicorn cupcakes to brighten up your Thursday!

Someone decided to get crafty and make the mini Water Cycle model.

Someone's been busy baking our Cheng Chau buns. Don't they look yummy!? He's also been helping in the garden as well.

Someone's been out in the garden getting ready to care for his 7 brand new chickens.

Someone's been busy in the kitchen and making my tummy grumble! Sparrowhawks please ask permission before going to the youtube link for Matlida's cooking class video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gXzkGqEoIQ&feature=youtu.be

Someone's has been busy (with her sister) cooking in the garden and kitchen, putting together some tricky puzzles, getting crafty and fitting in her home learning.

Someone's been enjoying spending time with her sister and family.

Someone's has been busy bouncing between working his home learning, getting outside in the sunshine and baking in the kitchen!

Someone's been busy explore the great outdoors!

Someone has been busy dancing, gardenig and beating her family at board games!

All the baked goodies

Someone's been busy as well in the kitchen baking shortbread biscuits. Yummy!

Someone's been busy baking up a storm with his sister!

Making the most of the nice weather!

Yummy shortbread biscuits and an awesome den in the sunshine!

Someone has been super busy baking our yummy buns, playing board games - Scrabble, my favourite - exercising with Francesca and gardening in the gorgeous sunshine!

Someone's been busy getting outside, playing some board games, staying fit and working on her home learning!

Chinese New Year - Happy New Year of the Rat