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September 2020 - As this is a challenging year for the library, we don't currently have a Senior Pupil Librarian.  We do, however, have 4 Reader Leaders who will be posting their reviews, ideas and interviews in the Reader Leader section of this page.

January 2020 - Paige and Josh have begun collating top ten favourite books for each class. Here is the first instalment - Housemartins

December 2019 - Paige's 2nd interview is with Dolly:

November 2019 - Paige is going to run a series of interview's on this blog and this is her first one:

October 2019 - Paige's first blog in collaboration with Joshua:-

October 2019

Congratulations to our new Senior Librarian - Paige from House Martins!  Paige will shortly be producing her new blog and will also be collaborating with our Reader Leader, Joshua, on a "Book of the Month" post, so keep an eye out for that.

January 2019 - Betty's blog about looking after books and keeping the library tidy!

November 2018 - Betty's Blog about wrd magazine

May 2018 - New Books for the Library thanks to the PTA

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