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Summer Term 1

Friday 14th May

Robins Class have been thinking lots about plants this week. We have been very excited that our beans have started to grow, we’re hoping that soon the beanstalks will be tall enough for us to climb! We’ve also planted sunflowers, some of which are just starting to grow as well. We’re planning to plant our sweet peas and snap dragons outside soon, they’ve been growing well in the classroom.


This week, we’ve had lots of fun with a flower experiment. On Tuesday afternoon, we added food colouring to cups of water and placed a few carnations in each cup. Over the last few days, the colours of the flowers have started to change, we’ve been most impressed with the blue cup, the pink has worked quite well but the yellow hasn’t seemed to work at all. Robins have been thinking about the parts of the plant and the jobs that each part has, this experiment has helped us understand the job of the stem. Our Year 1s and a few Year Rs completed some brilliant science work based on the experiment.


We've all enjoyed reading the story Oliver's Vegetables this week, our Year 1s have worked on some brilliant literacy work based on the book. This story has also helped us all practise the days of the week. We know a good 'days of the week' song, why not ask you child if they can sing it to you at home. 


We have also introduced some story boxes to our classroom and lots of our Year R children have enjoyed using these to label character pictures, write sentences and create their own stories in their writing books.


Please see some photos from this week below. 


Friday 14th May

Robins start and finish times


Robins Class start the day at 9:00 and finish the day at 3:05.


All children will be entering and leaving school through the main school gate onto the playground from the playing fields.

Useful Information

Robins library day is Thursday, children can only choose a new library book if they have brought their current library book into school on Thursday.


We change or reading books on Mondays and Thursdays. Books are quarantined before being placed into another bookbag.


PE Days

Our PE days are currently Tuesday and Wednesday. Your child should bring their PE kit into school on a Monday and we will send it home with them on Friday. Please ensure that EVERYTHING in your child's PE kit is named!

Week Beginning 30.11.20

This week, we spent lots of time working on practising our song (and actions!) for our part in the school Nativity, some of us have also had lines to learn as well. We've created a post office in our class room and enjoyed reading the book Animal Post Office, we are going to come back to this book next week.

This week, we have also been thinking about different materials and describing the materials of objects that we could find in the classroom.

We have also discovered that our quiet critter (Sam) and his newly named friend (Poppy) are rather cheeky in December, so far this week, we've come into school to find them surrounded by our tiny, colourful penguins, climbing the Christmas tree and playing with the trains!

We loved decorating our Christmas tree on Tuesday, it looks amazing!

We'll add some photos of our tree, our post office and out cheeky quiet critters next week.

Week Beginning 23.11.20

This week in Robins Class, we have focussed on story telling. Our Year 1s read and then acted out the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, they then spent their English lessons discussing and writing about the story before having a go at writing the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears themselves in their books. Our  Year R's have had a go at acting out stories too, we enjoyed sitting in a circle with a stage in the middle and taking it in turns to act out short stories. This encouraged lots of good writing from our Year R children as well as some fantastic acting in their choosing time.


We have also spent the week learning our song for the whole school Christmas Nativity, it's sounding great! 

Week beginning 16.11.20

This week, Robins have been reading the book 'Oi Frog'. We have been doing some fantastic rhyming in class and have enjoyed hearing rhyming words and writing rhyming words too! We have been really impressed with our Robins writing this week, we've got lots of children working really hard! As well as reading 'Oi Frog', we also read 'Oi dog' and then 'Quick Quack Quentin', all books by the same author.

After reading 'Oi Dog' and 'Oi Frog', we thought about whether the animals enjoyed sitting on the objects that rhyme so well, for example, did the fox like sitting on the box? We had a brilliant discussion where we thought about places that the animals would rather sit, this lead to a lovely afternoon of building and construction homes/farms/jungles/zoos for various animals, photos to be added below later.  

Week Beginning 09.11.20

On Wednesday this week, we thought about Remembrance day. We thought about why we have Remembrance day every year and why we wear poppies. Some of Robins Class made some beautiful poppies using paint, tissue paper, shiny paper and colouring pencils, we have popped some of these poppies up in the classroom. We also watched a lovely clip on Cbeebies called 'Poppies', it's about a young rabbit, a snail and a bird who shelter under a helmet together and then witness the poppies grow all around them as the sun comes out. We had a go at using a variety of media to create our own pictures based on this 'Poppies' clip. These pictures look amazing, please see photos below of these pictures up in Robins Class.


This week, Robins Class also took part in the cross country challenge (in wellies, it was rather muddy on the field!) We are really proud of all of our Robins, they all ran, jogged and walked 5 laps of our school field, about 1 km and were great at encouraging each other and cheering each other on. Have a look below to see photos of Robins completing their cross country running.

Poppy Field Pictures

Week beginning 02.11.20

Robins Class have had a fantastic first week back in class after half term. This week, we read the story 'The Colour Monster', we thought lots about feelings and about colours. The children all made their own colour monster pictures and we worked together to make 6 big class colour monsters. See the photos below.


This week, we also thought about fireworks, we watched a video of some fireworks on the board in the classroom and thought about the colours that we could see and the sounds that we could hear. Robins created some lovely firework art. See a photo below of some of the firework art made by Robins Class.


This week, we made the most of playing outside, Robins loved playing in the autumn leaves and exploring a VERY foggy field. Please see photos below.

Please click below to see a few lovely videos of Robins playing in the leaves.

Video 1

Video 2

Our Colour Monsters


Week Beginning 19.10.20

We've had another great week in Robins Class and have come to the end of our first half term of the year! We are so pleased with how well our Year R children have settled into life at Wherwell and with how well our Year 1 children have settled back into life in Robins Class.

This week, we read the wonderful Percy the Park Keeper story, After the Storm. We have loved reading lots of Percy the Park Keeper stories this term. In this story, there is a huge storm and an oak tree that lots of animals live in and under blows down. They have to find a new home. The children in Robins Class have been drawing some wonderful pictures of new homes for Percy's animal friends. Robins also had a go at using some watercolour paints to paint characters and scenes from the story.


Robins Class have loved our music lessons with Mrs Elmslie this term, please find an example of something that Robins have been doing in their music lessons below.


In music this term, Robins Class have been learning a tiger chant. Last week, Mrs Elmslie recorded them during their music session.

Week Beginning 12.10.20

We have had another wonderful week in Robins Class. This week, we have focussed on a wonderful book called 'Animalphabet'. This book has a different animal for every letter of the alphabet. We have enjoyed thinking of other animals beginning with particular letters and sounds and have all had a go at drawing/writing a new page for the book. We are going to put all of our pages together and make a Robins Class version of Animalphabet.

This week, we had a very exciting present from our fairies, they left us a quiet critter for our classroom! We worked together to come up with lots of different name options for our quiet critter and then pulled a name out off a pot, we have named our quiet critter 'Sam'. Some of our Robins created wonderful pictures of Sam, please see the photos below.

Our quiet critter, Sam

Week Beginning 05.10.20

This week, we have had lots of fun finding rhyming words in the Gruffalo, describing Gruffalo characters and making our own Gruffalo faces! Robins did a wonderful job at using the resources, looking at a variety of examples and creating their own Gruffalo faces, they are now on display outside out classroom (see the photos below).

Both our Year Rs and our Year 1s have been doing some fantastic counting, this week, we've used trays of conkers to help with our counting!


Year R phonics - this week, we introduced the sounds m d and g. We also introduced the words 'a' 'at' 'am' and 'I'.


Year 1 phonics - this week, we focussed on the sounds ch sh th and ng. We've also practised using these sounds to read words and writing sentences.


Gruffalo Faces!

Week Beginning 28.09.20

This week, we read the book Each Peach Pear Plum and thought lots about the characters and the rhyming words in the book. We had a go at spotting the characters around the classroom and making our own rhyming sentences.


Year R phonics - this week, we introduced the sounds i and n.


Year 1 phonics - this week, we focussed on the sounds y z zz and qu.

Week Beginning 21.09.20

We have had a lovely week this week, our Year R children have stayed for the afternoons and we've all settled really well into our school routines now. Both our Year R and Year 1 children have worked on some lovely counting this week and we've started our phonics lessons too!

Monster phonics - we'll send an email/letter out to our Year R and Year 1 parents soon to explain about our new phonics 'Monster Phonics'. Both our Year R and Year 1 children have had daily Monster phonics lessons this week and are enjoying spotting the monsters and learning new sounds.


Year R phonics - this week, we introduce the monsters and phonics lessons in general, we learnt the sounds s a t p


Year 1 phonics - this week, we've focussed on writing words and sentences with particular sounds in, we've focussed on the sounds j v w x



This week, Robins Class were very excited to discover that there are fairies living in one of the apple trees in our outside area! The children in Robins Class have loved drawing pictures and writing notes to the fairies this week and have been very excited to find notes from the fairies when coming into school in the mornings. We've also made some amazing fairy doors for the fairies to use, some have been put up in the classroom this afternoon, a few are still drying after being painted and glittered and will go up on Monday! (See photos below)

Fairy doors around the classroom