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We are planning to use this page as a space to share photos of the wonderful activities and home learning that Robins Class children are doing at home. If you would like to share some photos of your child then please email them to me or add them onto Tapestry. Please let me know in your email if you DON'T want the photos added to this page. Miss Gilbody

Helping dad to put grass seed in the garden. Drawing some great observational drawings and painting a beautiful garden. :)

Looking after plants in the garden and making sandwiches for a VE Day picnic. Making some yummy looking fruit skewers too. :)

Sunflowers happily growing! Making a pulley to take things up to the treehouse and making a delicious looking caterpillar salad! :)

A treasure hunt in the sunshine. :)

Two brilliant observational drawings, an apple and a banana! Also, using potatoes and paint to create some wonderful potato printing pictures outside! :)

A wonderful observational drawing of a green apple! :)

Working through the maths activities brilliantly and a bean growing really well! :)

Jumping in huge puddles and going on lovely walks with the whole family. Lots of baking and teaching his little sister about the world! Also painting and labelling a brilliant tree house picture. :)

A fantastic tree house model, lots of leaves made to stick on the tree house and written notes and pieces of information too! Also keeping a very close eye on these caterpillars at the moment! :)

A beautiful picture of an orchid and a wonderful painting of a barn own in a tree and lots of facts about owls written and stuck around the edge. Also making pizzas and the cress is starting to grow! :)

A beanstalk grew in the kitchen overnight! Adding magic beans and leaves to the beanstalk and then thinking about what might be at the top! Enjoying lots of different maths games and activitites last week and making some very yummy looking cakes too! :)

A super busy week. Planting lots of different seeds and starting a diary for them. Playing the bean counting game and even had a competition with mummy! Writing a brilliant Jasper story and drawing a fantastic picture of lots of things that might be at the top of the beanstalk! :)

A really busy week, spending lots of time outside looking for minibeasts and playing in the mud kitchen. Watching his bean and sunflower plants (and some others too) as they grow and starting a diary for them too. A lovely rainbow picture writing of the rhyme to remember the colours of the rainbow. Lots of maths activities and games too. :)

A bike ride and a walk in the sunshine. Lots of planting and painting too :)

A busy week! Walks to look for treasure, cycling, making pizza dough and then making pizzas. Also camping out in the garden with dad! :)

A wonderful sunny walk, writing a fantastic diary and making some felt vegetables. :)

Writing a diary and working on maths activities. Planting and baking too. :)

Planting seeds, enjoying walks thorugh the woods, drawing lots of pictures and making a tank out of hama beads :)

Dressing up as an explorer and writing about dinosaurs, makinbg some dinosaurs out of play-doh too! Also making a beautiful rainbow picture for the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra :)

A brilliant, and very tall, beanstalk! Also learning the tricky word 'like' and drawing pictures of things that she likes. Enjoying wearing her school uniform to remind her of the fun that she has at Wherwell :)

Helping daddy make an amazing bean support in the garden!! Planting some beans and starting a bean diary too :)

Working through the Jasper activities and completing some brilliant writing, also planting his own bean and sunflower and starting a diary for both! :)

Drawing some brilliant beanstalks to show bigger and smaller and also ordering her teddies (who had all been drerssed up!) by size ready for a parade :)

A brilliant milk bottle Elmer and adding to his bug hotel. :)

Beautiful marbled paper bunting :)

Searching for mini beasts in the garden :)

Lots of baking! Those brownies look really yummy :)

An amazing bug hotel! :)

Lots of fun baking and making her very own farm :)

Very busy learning about snails and ladybirds. Working on some amazing writing and has making fantastic snails from play doh and a ladybird using apple, icing and raisins, so creative! :)

Having a lesson about planets from Granny and making a beautiful solar system collage :)

Making beautiful pictures, having a go at lots of writing and planting seeds too :)

Sophie created a beautiful minibeast collage! :)

A lovely ladybird picture, making her own snail and writing a wonderful sentence about a snail! :)

Willow took a lovely photo of a ladybird and she painted a beautiful rainbow too :)

Creating beautiful snail pictures and having a go at some writing outside too :)

Baking, having a go at some brilliant writing and looking at the life cycle of caterpillars and frogs!

Very busy at home :)

Making pasta! :)

Joining in with Joe Wicks PE lessons, baking and practising his writing too. Also having bow and arrow lesson with his dad :)

Lots of wonderful craft activities and also working very hard on take away number sentences in the home learning book! :)

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