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October 2020 - first reviews from our Reader Leaders.

September 2020 - Welcome to our 4 new Reader Leaders for this year - Poppy, Emile, Will and Maddie!

January 2020 - Josh and Paige have begun collating top ten favourite books for each class. Here is the list for Housemartins

November 2019 - Joshua's 2nd blog where he talks to pupils about their favourite books:

October 2019 - House Martins are having their first reading together with their buddies session today - well done Joshua for coming up with the idea! And here is Joshua's first blog:-

October 2019

Congratulations to our new Reader Leader, Joshua from House Martins! He has a great plan to introduce a buddy reading system, whereby House Martins will get to read to their new buddies in Robins.  We are excited to see his plan unfold.  Joshua also intends to have a "Book of the Month" on display and on this blog, so watch this space.

December 2018 Freddie's blog - 3

November 2018 Freddie's blog

Freddie's "Book Recommendation Box"in the library

October 2018 - Our new Reader Leader, Freddie, writes his first blog:-

July 2018 - Top Tips for reading over the summer holidays!

November recommended reads 2017

October recommended reads 2017

September recommended reads 2017

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is the first volume in a trilogy of five!  It is my favourite book because it is funny and exciting.  This is what it is about:-


It's a perfectly ordinary morning for Arthur Dent until his house gets demolished and earth follows shortly after.  His best friend has just announced he is an alien!!  Now he has just been captured by Vogons - could his day get any worse??


Here are some lines from the book that really made me laugh.....


"Ford, you'returning into a penguin, stop it!"

"I'm so hip I can't see my legs!"

"The ship hug in mid-air in a way which a brick wouldn't"