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Amber has been listening and reading along with the BFG! Good work, Amber!

Alyssa has been baking some tasty looking cakes and doing some exercise on her scooter. Well done, Alyssa!

Martha has been making a volcano with decopatch, digging for bones in the garden and learning to play chess with her sister Josie. They plan to erupt this volcano so watch this space!

Will earnt himself a Puffin Point for this fact:


On average there are 80 Lego bricks for every person on earth!


Well done, Will!

Caitlin's research project about France - Well done Caitlin! What a beautiful poster. I learnt 2 facts from your work!

Challenge Time - Beat the teacher!


Can you teach Mrs P something she didn't already know? Use an information book, atlas, encyclopaedia, the internet or anything else to learn a real life fact and get your grown up to email it to me e.pyliotis@wherwell.hants.sch.uk . If you teach me a fact I didn't know you can have a Puffin Point (I will keep score of how many Puffin points I have given out so you can have them when we get back) and I will post your fact on this page of the school website! It can be a fact about anything: a country, an animal, transport, whatever you like!


Good Luck!

Spring Term Newsletter

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