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These Puffins had lots of fun designing and making their own mazes out of cardboard. They painted them and used a paperclip and a magnet to find their way around the maze. They had lots of fun trying everyones!

These Puffins had a competition to see who culd build the tallest tower in 20 mins. We learnt lots about teamwork. The one that looks tallest here couldn't stand when it was being judged but with a little help from Mrs P, they got it to stand for a picture!

These Puffins loved making their very own maths board games. We had some very creative ideas including some mean snakes and ladders!

This Puffin has swapped her pencil for a compass and is spending her week learning about navigation!

This Puffin enjoyed opening a letter from her pen pal!

This Puffin has been enjoying some time outdoors!

This Puffin has been learning how to catch fish! He has also made his own pen from a piece of wood. Super work!

This Puffin is very proud of her acrostic poem, and rightly so! Great work!

This Puffin has a lovely new haircut!

This puffin has turned his hand to beekeeping!

This puffin has been spending lots of time outside and baking some tasty looking treats!

This Puffin has painted and erupted his own volcano. I am particularly impressed that he chose safety first and wore his goggles!

This puffin had a knock on the door from the police who awarded her a 'Stay at Home Hero' award!

This Puffin and her brother have built a very impressive bird house with a hinge and everything! They have also filled their time on nice walks and making decorations for VE day!

This Puffin has been having lots of fun going for walks, runs and building a brilliant looking marble run!

Arien found a slow worm in her garden!

This Puffin chose this as her blue outfit for VE day!

This Puffin has been raising money for the NHS by taking part in a virtual exercise challenge. Big smiles all round as they received their medals - they should be extremely proud of themselves for doing something kind to help others! Super job, girls!

Noah baked these delicious looking chocolate biscuits!

This Puffin has been learning to play chess with his dad and using oranges to help with his fractions work!

This Puffin has been snail racing, den building and being a waiter in a quarantine pizza restaurant! He looks very smart in his waistcoat.

This Puffin and her sister have a fab new haircut!

This Puffin and her family rescued a duck egg from some birds of prey, got an incubator and it has hatched! They called him Scrooge McDuck.

This Puffin and her brother have been doing a sponsered walked to raise money for Children in Need. They have also planted all sorts of lovely things and been making dens in their living room.

Arien's lovely aboriginal art! She has also been turning milk bottles into music shakers and has plans to make one into a bird feeder!

This Puffin has been really busy digging a giant hole for an in-ground trampoline! During the digging process he found all the letters of his name to make a sign for his bedroom. He also spotted a golden pheasant and went for a walk with his family in the beautiful bluebells.

Lovely aboriginal art from Noah!

This Puffin has been enjoying time outside playing football and playing with his pig!

This Puffin and her family have been keeping busy baking, eating their creations, playing outside on swings and bikes and much more!

Some lovely aboriginal artwork from William and Daisy!

This Puffin and her family have been enjoying the sunshine on walks, getting creative with face paints and clay and are making plans to climb Snowdon!

This Puffin and her family had a lovely movie night outside complete with pizza, popcorn and cosy blankets!

This Puffin has been enjoying the sunshine!

Some fab aboriginal art from Caitlin!

This Puffin has been enjoying quality family time as well as taking responsibility for Alfie by riding and brushing him every day.

Take a look at Tola's beautiful aboriginal artwork! She has also done loads of research on Australia. Well done, Tola!

This Puffin has been working on a science experiment involving mixing colours to see what she can make! She has also made Rocky Road and been going on nice walks with her dog.

This Puffin celebrated her birthday with her brother and the rest of the family last week with lots of tasty looking party food! Happy Birthday! She also painted this lovely picture with some paints she won in pass the parcel.

This Puffin says she is 'grateful for the NHS because they help us, protect us and save lives'! She has been enjoying the bbc bitesize lessons, having fun and working hard too.

Felicity earnt herself a Puffin Point for this fact:


Australia is the second driest place on Earth

Caitlin has been doing some lovely chalk drawings to make people smile. They certainly made me smile!

What new skills have you been learning in your time at home, Puffins? I have been learning to do the gardening whilst I have been home. Get your grown ups to send me pictures of your new skills to share!

This Puffin has been enjoying some family time, including a walk to the empty John Deere site, and he even has a new addition to his family! The puppy doesn't have a name yet - watch this space!

This Puffin and her sister have been very busy making bug hotels, doing PE, riding their bikes and playing games, in addition to all the hard work she has been doing.

This Puffin and her sister have been multitasking - doing chores by mowing the lawn at the same time as keeping up with their school work by reading! Super job, girls!

This Puffin has been keeping fit during her time at home!

Daisy and William have each made a lovely hygiene poster!

This Puffin has been having lots of fun baking, refilling his bug hotel, playing games and going on nature walks!

This Puffin celebrated her 7th birthday with her family the other day. Happy Birthday!

Felicity made this lovely poster to remind people to stay home and wash their hands. Lovely work!

This Puffin has been really busy planting in the greenhouse (which he helped build!), baking brownies, making his very own coat rack from shot gun cartridges he found and helping his brother. Brilliant work!

Mason earnt himself some Puffin Points for these great facts:

1. The national animal of Scotland is the unicorn. 


2. A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out. 


3. Pandas in zoos all over the world are actually only on-loan from China. 


4. A shrimp’s heart is in its head. 

This Puffin has been working hard but also having lots of fun play swing ball, lego, board games and riding his scooter!

This Puffin has been using this time to catch up on some reading and have a go in her workbooks!

These Puffins were excited to get to work writing about possums!

This Puffin has been working hard!

This Puffin has been working hard and doing some baking in her spare time. I hope they tasted as good as they look!

This Puffin has been baking with her sister. Looks tasty, girls!

This Puffin has baked some delicious looking bread and has been going on lots of lovely walks with his dog Benny!

This Puffin has been working hard but also having a great time doing puzzles and baking. I love her idea for a different kind of rainbow in her window!

This Puffin is using this opportunity to take up the piano. What a wonderful new skill you are learning, well done!

This Puffin has been listening and reading along with the BFG! Good work!

This Puffin has been baking some tasty looking cakes and doing some exercise on her scooter. Well done!

Making a volcano with decopatch, digging for bones in the garden and learning to play chess. They plan to erupt this volcano so watch this space!

Will earnt himself a Puffin Point for this fact:


On average there are 80 Lego bricks for every person on earth!


Well done, Will!

A research project about France - Well done! What a beautiful poster. I learnt 2 facts from your work!

Challenge Time - Beat the teacher!


Can you teach Mrs P something she didn't already know? Use an information book, atlas, encyclopaedia, the internet or anything else to learn a real life fact and get your grown up to email it to me e.pyliotis@wherwell.hants.sch.uk . If you teach me a fact I didn't know you can have a Puffin Point (I will keep score of how many Puffin points I have given out so you can have them when we get back) and I will post your fact on this page of the school website! It can be a fact about anything: a country, an animal, transport, whatever you like!


Good Luck!

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