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Online Safety

At Wherwell Primary School we recognize that in order to continue to prepare children for life in modern Britain, it is important that we provide them with the tools to protect themselves and to have thought provoking discussions especially in this very important area. For new generations, technology is part of their every day lives, therefore they need to be able to live with it in a sensible way.


In this section, you will find information about what activities are taking place at school in order to support the children and families on online safety. We will also include useful links that can be used by parents and children to keep safe. 

How is Online Safety delivered at Wherwell Primary School?

At Wherwell all teachers are aware of the technologies that children are using both inside and outside school. This awareness is achieved through the following: 

• Regular discussions about the responsible use of technologies and their benefits and risks

• Being clear that there is a ‘no blame’ cultures for anyone who has had a bad experience

• Zero-tolerance of any form of bullying

• Reinforcement of key messages - STOP, BLOCK, TELL, FORWARD.

• Keep adults informed of what children are doing online.


Pupils are not allowed to use any of their own personal IT devices at school at any time, unless specifically authorised by the Headteacher.


Creating a safe ICT learning environment includes four main elements at this school:

• Technological tools that are well-managed with regular security updates

• Clear roles and responsibilities

• An effective Online-Safety education programme for pupils, staff and parents

• A culture in which issues can be openly discussed


The school includes Online Safety in the curriculum and ensures that every pupil has been educated about safe and responsible use through on-going reminders. Pupils need to know how to minimise online risks and how to report a problem. The school holds an annual Online Safety event and the school will ensure that they make efforts to engage with parents over safety matters.


How will complaints regarding online safety be handled?


The school and Local Authority (LA) will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that risks are kept to a minimum through strict systems of filtering content and monitoring activity. However, it is not possible to guarantee that unsuitable material will never appear on a school computer or mobile device. Neither the school nor the Local Authority can accept liability for material accessed, or any consequences of Internet access. Any inappropriate material is reported to the local authority for them to block.

Staff and pupils are aware of infringements and the possible sanctions attached. Sanctions available include:

• Informing parents or carers;

• Removal of Internet or computer access for a period, [which could ultimately prevent access to files held on the system];

• Referral to LA / Police.


Our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) acts as first point of contact for any complaint. Any complaint about staff misuse is referred to the Head Teacher.


Complaints of online/cyberbullying are dealt with in accordance with our Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy. Complaints related to child protection are dealt with in accordance with school / LA child protection policy and procedures.

Parents at Google UK talking about child safety online

Parents from the Google London office talking about their approach to helping their own children stay safe online. For more tips and advice visit google.co.uk/familysafety

E- Safety Presentation for parents

 "Are my kids Fine..." by Andy Hider, Head of Pupil support at Westgate Secondary School.


E safety Presentation from HCC to Parents

On the 20th of November, parents from Wherwell Primary School had the opportunity to come along to a presentation from Hampshire County Council on E-Safety. This is a very important matter and we must all play a part in keeping our children safe, especially on the internet. Here is the presentation, we hope parents will find it useful.  click here

Theatre Production "Don't pack up your troubles" 

On the 26th of January 2016, the children had a visit from the Effectus Theater Company. They watched the piece called 'Don't Pack up your Troubles'. This is a very topical and challenging production, which hopes to provoke thinking amongst children on internet safety, the effects of cyber-bullying and how to act upon anything that worries children regarding the internet (stop, block, tell, forward).  The story involved Billy. He has been packing away all his worries about being on the internet and carrying them around everywhere! So the action team, "The Web -Stoppers" help him as they unpack Billy's worries and try to think of a way to help keep him protected and safe online.


After the performance all the children returned to their classes where they had a good discussion with their teachers about what they have learned and how can they put it into practice. We also texted and e-mailed parents suggesting them to take this opportunity of discussing it with the children at home that evening -whilst it was fresh in their minds. To see some pictures of this production click here.


Here are some of the quotes from the children:

"I learned that you need to be 13 to open a Facebook account", Tom class 3

"If we are worried we tell our parents", Luciana class 5

"I don't talk to strangers in the shopping centre and in real life. Therefore, I should do the same on the computer" , Isabella class 3


If you have got some quotes from your children that you would like to share with us and all other families via our website, please email the school at c.salazar-lewis@wherwell.hants.sch.uk.


As a result from their discussion, here are some examples of what the children have been working on to help to get the message across and to act as constant reminders of the importance of e-safety.