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School Closure

You will by now have heard, I am sure, the Prime Minister's announcement that schools and colleges across the country are to close with immediate effect.


We watched the briefing along with you and now require some time to think about the implications for our school and community. Please be advised that we will contact you with full details of our response as soon as we possibly can. Having been told that Primary Schools would remain open, we were not expecting to need home-learning provision in place so soon in the school year and this will take a little time. Be assured that our staff are already working towards provision of remote learning and will communicate with you further as soon as they are able.


In the meantime, if you believe you or your partner is a critical worker requiring access to school provided childcare please email us URGENTLY on reporting@wherwell.hants.sch.uk with the following information:

1. Precise occupation and employer name of critical worker

2. Occupation of partner and whether or not he/she is working from home

3. Days and times childcare will be required.


Our teaching staff will be working full time on provision of our remote learning and critical worker cover will therefore be managed by our Learning Support Staff. Children of critical workers will be expected to engage with on-line learning whilst in school.


We would urge critical workers to think carefully about using in school childcare. We have a collective duty to remain at home as much as possible and this also means having a few staff in school as possible. Children of critical workers who have a partner working from home should remain at home if it is safe to do so. We do appreciate the difficulties associated with working from home whilst still looking after children (some of us did this is during the first lockdown and will be doing it again now), but the need to stay at home is to protect you, your children and your families, as well as our staff. We know it is difficult but if we are to contain the spread of the virus which is on the rise in our area, we need as few children in school as possible.


As before, we have a limited number of laptops available. In the first instance we can make these available to those who have NO OTHER device at home and depending on take-up, may be able to make some available where there are insufficient devices at home.


As always, we thank you for your understanding and patience. Please keep an eye out for further communication from this address, and from your class teachers.


If you have any questions, we would prefer them to be raised by email please. 


Kind regards,



Denise Hall 

Admin Officer