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These are our Musical Instruments Classes for the Autumn Term

Instrument Day/week Time and place
Cello Wednesday 10:15 - Library
Clarinet, flute and Wood Wind Wednesday 11:00 Library
Guitar Wednesday 11:00 Tutorial Room
Violin Wednesday 11:00 - PPA Room
Listen to Me Thursday 11:00 - Main Hall
Brass Thursday

09:30 - Tutorial Room (children's kitchen)

Trombone and Trumpet


Bate Bate Chocolate Year 6

Bate Bate Chocolate
House martins have worked on Bate Bate Chocolate as part of their music and topic work with links to the Maya civilisation and the knowledge that they discovered chocolate.

Listen to Me Summer concert - Ukeleles

Summer Concert

Listen2Me Concert - African Drumming

Our School Orchestra

Listen 2 Me concert - Brass

Class Music

Joseph Haydn is a recording by House Martins taken from their rhythm work on the Hen Symphony.

The two train music tracks were recorded in Kingfisher class, whilst they worked on World War 2 and depicts the sound of the train linking to the evacuees’ journey on a train.

Matilda, Megan, Sienna and Gabbi are featured on ‘Matilda’.

Charlie, Ted, Aubrey and Wilf are featured on ‘Charlie’.

Puffins have recorded 2 tracks their Bowing Song using tuned percussion and drums and their Song the Fung Yeng Song both linked to their recent China topic.

Sparrowhawks have recorded The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy using a range of instruments to accompany the song.

joseph Haydn.mp3

train matilda.mp3

Y3 train charlie.mp3

Puffin Chinese bowing tune.mp3

Fung Yeng Song Puffin.mp3

Boogie Woogie Sparrowhawks.mp3

Choir pieces

We have recorded the following pieces this year showing the variety of pieces we have covered.

They are ‘My Hat it has 3Corners’, ‘The Pet song’ and ‘School Dinners’ which demonstrate 3 part singing and ‘Reasons for not going to school’.

The Orchestra

The Orchestra has changed over the year adding a number of new people and instruments. The recent recordings show our full combination of instruments in the pieces ‘Gypsy Dance’, ‘The Metronome’ and ‘German Dance’.

3 corners.mp3

choir school dinners.mp3

choir pet song.mp3

Listen to Me concert - Clarinets

Listen to me concert

Still image for this video

Listen to me concert

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Orchestra Autumn term

Clarinet Recital in Sparrowhawks

Trombone Demonstration in Sparrow Hawks

Listen to Me Concert - Violin

Year 3 Listen to Me Concert - Brass

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Year 3 Listen to Me - Brass

Class 5 - Eben, Luciana, Alex, Jack, Sam, Joshua

Class 5 - Daniel, Sami, Isla, Amelia, Brenna

Class 5 - Laura, Alishya, Zoe

Class 4 Cinderella

After listening to excerpts from Prokofiev’s ballet suite, Cinderella. Class 4 have composed their own interpretations of 5 time frames from the night of ‘The Ball’.

  1. The clock

  2. The warning

  3. Dancing with the Prince

  4. The chiming clock

  5. Midnight

Class 4 - The clock

Class 4 - The warning

Class 4 - Dancing with the Prince

Class 4 - The chiming clock

Class 4 - Midnight

Class 3 - Pond life creative composition

Class 3 have used percussion instruments to explore and choose sounds suitable for their pond life composition. The piece is in 4 parts starting with sounds to represent the water and its movement, the frog chorus, the fish darting and swimming and finally the plants and their movement in the water.

Class 3 - Pond Life

Summer Concert 2017

Congratulations to all the musicians and singers for their fabulous performances to a packed audience at this year's summer concert. This year we were treated to a variaty of performances including woodwind, violins, recorders, cello, brass, the School Orchestra and the Choir. Thank you to all our instrumental teachers Mrs Elmslie (woodwind), Mrs Gooding (brass), Mrs Wilson (violin) Ban dMrs Henderson (Cello). Thank you to parents, children and to Mrs Elmslie for their commitment and contribution to making Wherwell a musical School.

Year 3 - Listen 2 Me African Drums

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Composition Motifs inspired by Anglo Saxon Gods - Class 4

Angus , Aemon, Harry and Rowan. God of Thunder - Thunor.

Composition Motif inspired by Anglo Saxon Gods.

Betty, Eleanor, Paige and Holly-Rose. Gods of Peace and Thunder (Baldaey and Thunor)

Brass Lessons

We were very pleased to welcome Sierra Schwartz from Hampshire Music Service to school . She entertained the whole school by demonstrating a selection of brass instruments. We hope that many children will  be inspired by this and take up these instruments and hopefully enrich our ever growing orchestra.

Year 3 Ukulele Listen to me Concert

Our Music Assembly

New Year

Class 5 performing a singing round based on a new school year.

Class 3 Train Rythms

A class rhythm depicting the rhythms of a steam train.

Train Poem - Class 3

Summer Concert

"Oh I do love to live beside the seaside!"

Classes 2 and 3 have been lucky enough to be working with Nick Duncombe from the Hampshire Music Service. The children learned a selection of short seaside classic songs and then performed them to the whole school and their parents. It was a wonderful opportunity for the children to learn new songs and to develop their singing abilities in a fun way.


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Class 1 - The Dyno song

Class 2 - African Drumms

Class 3 - Street Cries

Class 4 - Singing Bowls

Listen to Me Concert

Mr King's recorder group

KS1 - Away in a Manger

The Last Post

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Drop in the Ocean

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Bear Necessities

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