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Monster Phonics Resources

Monster Phonics Resources

On this page, we have saved some Monster Phonics resources that we use at school and that your child may find useful at home.

Please be aware that not all of these resources will be appropriate/useful to your child. Our Year R children were coming to the end of focussing on the 'black cat graphemes' before Christmas (we will finish learning the last few sounds in the phonics home learning in the coming weeks). The 'black cat grapheme flashcards' will be great for both our Year R and Year 1 Robins children to use to recap and to practise.

Our Year 1 Robins can use the tricky words flashcards and mats to practise and recap words which they are familiar with and to practise using their Monster Phonics to read words that they are unfamiliar with. Our Year R Robins can use the phase 2 tricky word flashcards and mats to practise reading words that we have learnt, we have also begun learning some of the phase 3 tricky words, our Year Rs could have a go at practising and using the phase 3 tricky words flashcards and mats.

These resources could either be printed or looked at on a device.

Monster Phonics Letter for Parents

Monster Phonics have sent us a letter to share with you all, the letter includes a link to a 'Phonics Essentials For Parents' free webinar that you can book onto. Please find the letter below.

Black Cat Sounds

Please click here to access a video of Miss Gilbody saying the sounds and doing the actions for the black cat sounds.

Children could practise recognising the sounds and saying the sound and doing the action. Parents could pause the video at various points and encourage their child to write a particular sound or to think of a word beginning with a particular sound. Once your child has given you a word, they could have a go at sounding out and writing the word. As a challenge, your child could have a go at writing a sentence containing their word.

Our Year R children will focus on the last few black cat sounds in their phonics home learning in the next couple of weeks as well as looking at some different monster sounds as well.

Meet the Monsters

This powerpoint also introduces the Monster Phonics monsters. If you have any issues opening the powerpoint, you may need to save the powerpoint to your device before it will open.

Phonics Flashcards - we use sound and word flashcards regularly in class, they are a great way to practise recognising sounds and words.


Black Cat Grapheme Flashcards

You could show the 'black cat grapheme flashcards' to your child and see if they can recognise them. If there are some that your child does not recognise then you could make a note of these to recap at a later date. We also often ask children to think of words beginning with or containing a particular sound, you could use the flashcards for this too, your child could verbally tell you a word containing the particular sound or could have a go at sounding the word out and writing it. Your child could also use the grapheme flashcards to practise writing sounds or to arrange to make words.


Tricky Word Flashcards

These Monster Phonics tricky words are split into the Letters and Sound phases. Tricky words are high frequency words which cannot be sounded out using the 'black cat sounds' (black cat grapheme flashcards). In Monster Phonics, they are often referred to as high frequency words as the coloured letters correlating to a particular monster makes it possible for the children to sound them out. Although it is important that the children get used to reading a variety of words, we focus on these particular words as they are works that the children often need to use in their reading and writing. You could use these cards to help your child practise recognising and writing particular high frequency words, you could also get your child to verbally put a particular tricky word into a sentence or to have a go at writing a sentence using a particular tricky word.

Tricky Word Mats

'Tricky words' are explained in the piece of text under the flashcard documents. We often use these tricky word mats in school to support the children with their writing. Your child could practise reading/recognising or writing the words from the mat. They could also use the mat to support themselves when working on writing a sentence.