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Year Rs and Year 1s - As with the week before Easter, please email me a piece of maths work from this week's home learning activities that your child is particularly proud of by Friday 24th April.


Year 1 Maths Tasks


These maths task PDFs come from the White Rose website, we use this in school a lot. If you follow the link bellow, you will find yourself on the White Rose Year 1 Home Learning page. On this page, there is a video clip to go with each of the PDF tasks. It may be useful to watch this with your child before they have a go at completing the tasks and can be watched again at any point if your child is struggling and needs a reminder. The answers to the tasks can be found here too.

This week, we are working on the home learning tasks for week 1 on the White Rose website.

Each PDF task consists of two pages of questions, if this is a lot for your child to complete then encourage our child just to focus on the first page.

If you cannot print the PDFs then your child can write the answers on a piece of paper or in a work book.

Year R maths tasks

Jasper number resources

These number beans could be used for lots of different maths activities. You could cut them out and lay them face down on a table, then choose 2 beans (or more) and add them together. Alternatively, you could choose 2 beans and take one number away from the other.

You could play an adding game with someone in your family - Use the dotted beans and lay them face down on a table. Each player takes it in turns to choose a bean. Once all the beans have been picked up, you need to add together all of the dots on your beans. The person with the highest number is the winner.


These beanstalk numbers are great for sticking onto building bricks. There are different sizes meant for different sizes of brick. You could use them for ordering numbers, number bonds to 10, number bonds to 20, adding or taking away.