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The same as for the previous two weeks, this week, we have a series of five White Rose Maths Year R learning activities with accompanying teaching videos, some bear and bear hunt related maths activities and lastly, some very tricky maths challenges at the bottom of the page. Your child does NOT have to complete all of the maths tasks on this page.

As always, please do please practise counting with your children, encourage them to count everything and anything! As well as this, keep encouraging them to practise forming and ordering numbers and to have a go at adding and subtracting using movable objects.  

Please find a series of five White Rose Maths Year R activities below, each activity has an accompanying teaching video, please find all five videos via the White Rose Maths link below the five activity documents. 

Bear Hunt Maths activities

Please find a selection of bear hunt and bear maths activities below, your child may like to have a go at some of these throughout the week.  

Super tricky maths challenges 

If you'd like a maths challenge for your child then they could have a go at one or a few of these White Rose Maths activity sheets. These are tricky and your child does NOT have to complete them. If you would like your child to have a go, please feel free to get them to work on a particular question, just one page of the activity or the entire task. 


Each activity has a teaching video that accompanies it, find each of the videos at the links below the learning activity documents.