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Maths Home Learning

I have uploaded a variety of maths activities this week.

Please encourage your child to keep practising with counting objects and ordering and writing numbers, these are activities that we like to continuously practise throughout the year in Year R. (We aim for using numbers to 20 but if your child needs to work on numbers to 10 first then that’s fine. If your child is confident to 20 then they can look at numbers past 20).

Please find number formation videos here, numbers to 10, numbers 11-20.


If your child did not have a go at any adding last week, then it would be good if they could have a go this week, we have had a go at adding in class prior to this term. Children should be having a go at using small objects that they can move easily to add two groups of numbers together and find the answer.

Please find a video to help with adding here.

Taking Away

If your child has had a good go at adding two groups together then it would be great if they could now have a go at taking away using objects.

I will add a video to help with taking away using counting objects later on Monday.

Please find below a week’s worth of activities from White Rose Maths. We like to use White Rose Maths ideas and resources at school. This week’s White Rose Maths lessons all involve using the numbers 6, 7 and 8, . The last day’s activity looks at one more and one less, I know that lots of you have been practising this already, it may be good to have a go as a recap. There is a White Rose Maths video link lesson for each of these activities, all of which can be found at the White Rose link below.

Maths Challenges

If you would like your child to have more of a challenge, please find below some different White Roses Maths activity pages and video links. Each of the activity pages has a video link to go with it. Please find the video links under the documents.

If, throughout the week, you would like your child to have a go at some activity sheets then please find a few below linked to adding and taking away. Your child does not have to complete all or any of these sheets. In Year R, we complete very little maths work on sheets or in books. Most of our ‘number’ maths work involves physically sorting and moving objects to help with counting/adding/taking away/doubling/halving (we’ll come to doubling and halving soon!), ordering number cards and writing numbers etc.

However, we do understand that activity sheets such as these are a good way for your child to practise certain mathematical skills and that some children enjoy working their way through activity sheets.