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Lesson Tasks - please note that the arithmetic with teaching tips is more straightforward - so do not do both! Choose the most appropriate task for you.

This task is in the form of a quiz. You read the questions on the PowerPoint and write your answers on the separate quiz answer sheet - you do not need to print the PowerPoint. The correct answers to all the questions are also on the PowerPoint, from slide 50 to the end. You may want to play the quiz with other members of your family!

Hi All, it has kindly been brought to my attention that some of the answers to the quiz in Task 5 this week are incorrect. Apologies for this - the dangers of downloading directly and not checking each answer surprise! Thank you to Heather and Mum for letting us know. Here is a summary of the corrections:

We did notice 4 answers that seem to be incorrect in the answer sheet. As most children are still to do this task, it might be worth correcting or clarifying? Anyway, just in case it helps, here they are...
Round 1, Q1 - answer sheet says 9 tenths, but should be 9 hundredths.
Round 1, Q3, first of the four comparisons - '=' sign on answer sheet is correct, but an error has crept in on the RHS of the equation (should say 1200 divided by 100, same as in question sheet).
Round 3, Q4 - answer is 3/7, not 5/7. Question says what proportion of the BOYS, not what proportion of all the children. (If it had been the proportion of all the children, then it would have been 5/9 x 3/7, but that works out as 5/21, not 5/7.)
Round 5, Q3 - strictly speaking, the middle and right-hand examples are only correct if the end triangles are equilaterals, otherwise the length of the diagonal does not match the length of the side of the square it abuts when folded into shape and the 3D shape would be gappy. The left-hand example probably works. (And I got this question wrong because my pyramid base was too big!)