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Butterfly sculpture:

Ran-Tan Greenpeace film/poem Literacy learning journey by Ethan:

Woodland food chain by Emily:

Food chains:

Lion tamarins persuasive writing by Lydia:

Save the sloth persuasive poster by Eva:

Protect the Amazon by Ethan:

A persuasive acrostic poster by Freya:

Koalas ppt by Sam:

Save the Rainforest persuasive poster

Endangered animal report

Protect rainforests persuasive poster:

Endangered animals persuasive poster:

Save the Rainforests persuasive poster by George:

Do you think that people should protect elephants?

Design your own rainforest creature challenge

Emily's favourite animal from the rainforest:

Eva made a super Powerpoint presentation about the quetzal bird:

Invertebrates investigation

Jaguar and Parrot fact files

Check out this amazing Scratch rainforest animation created by Rhys:


Macaw fact file

Sloth Fact File

An additional page for "The Great Kapok Tree"

Happy campers!

Freya has shown which animals live in each layer of the rainforest

Some super craft ideas from Freida!

Barley the puppy!

Lydia used water colour paints for her rainforest audio picture

Lara spotted a swan with cygnets on the River Test

How many animals can you spot in this rainforest inspired garden scene?

A beautiful 3D rainforest scene. How many animals can you spot?

An exciting find of an abandoned nest in a wisteria! Look closely and you will spot tinsel and plastic woven into the structure.

Helping at home - painting and decorating!

Recreating a woodland habitat

Mixing science with baking to make honeycomb, delicious

Using watercolours to paint a poster showing layers of the rainforest

Noah has been helping at home by making breakfasts for his family

Home Learning - Week 1 and 2

Kingfishers Science

Kingfishers have been investigating the best material to prevent an iceman from melting. They found that newspaper and bubble wrap were the ideal insulators!

Reenacting Stone Age Boy Reindeer Hunt !

Raymond Brown Recycling Workshop