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Half term activity ideas

Half Term Activity Ideas

None of these activities are in any way compulsory over the half term week but we thought that we would come up with a list of activity ideas in case any of you are looking for ways to keep your children busy over half term.

(Year R parents - we would love it if you could add a Tapestry observation of an activity that your child completes over half term or maybe of a day out that you have, this observation does NOT have to link to these activities.)


Activity Ideas

  • Go for an autumn walk - what signs of autumn can you see? You could take photos of signs of autumn, draw or paint pictures from your autumn walk or write a list of the things that you saw when you get home.
  • Do some counting - see how many different things you can count! You could count your teddies or other toys, you could count cars that you pass or trees that you see on a walk. You could count leaves or conkers or birds that you can see outside.
  • Have a go at writing some numbers, see if you can write numbers in order to 10 or to 20! Maybe count something (people in your family for example) and then write the number that you counted.
  • Practise witting your name really neatly.
  • Practise recognising and writing the sounds that we've learnt in phonics, could you have a go at putting a few sounds together to write a word ('sat' 'pig' 'dog' 'cat'). Year 1's write a sentence about something that you have done that day.
  • Make a diary for the week - this could involve writing about what you've been doing and/or taking photos or drawing pictures of things you've done each day. You can then share this diary with your family or friends to tell them about your week.
  • Paint a picture - we love painting in Robins Class! Can you paint a picture of your family, something you can see from  a window in your house or your favourite book character?
  • Bake something yummy - I'll definitely be doing some baking over half term.