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Governor's Statutory Information

Governors Code of Conduct and Meetings Protocol

Governing Body and Committee Membership
Name Responsibility Committee Start Finish
Co-Opted Governors        
Sean Hutton

Chair of Governors

Pupil Monitoring




02.07.19 01.07.23
Tony Ewer

Chair of Personnel Committee

Renewable Energy & Special Projects


Personnel and Pay

01.07.19 01.07.23
Claudia Salazar-Lewis

Safeguarding Governor

Communication and Website,

Curriculum 02.07.19 01.07.23
Fiona Barrie Induction Governor Finance 12.07.18 12.07.22
Karen Bleazard   Curriculum 21.03.19. 21.03.23
Anna Crockram   Curriculum 17.10.19 17.10.23
Matt Owen-Farmer

GB Vice-Chair

Chair of Curriculum Committee

Outdoor Learning 

Curriculum 23.09.18 23.09.22
Local Authority Governors        
Jane Gossling

Chair of the Finance & Environment Committee




04.11.17 03.11.21
Staff Governors        

Mary Collins -






13.10.16 12.10.20

Ruth McNee -

Deputy Headteacher

  Curriculum 03.07.19 03.07.23
Parent Governors        
Sam Horne Training

Training Liaison

SEN Governor

Curriculum Committee Vice-Chair

Curriculum 20.11.18 19.11.22
Nigel Cox   Finance 21.03.19 21.03.23
Anna Pillar     03.07.19 03.0723
Kelly Orvis     14.02.20  
Andy Revell     14.02.20  
Associate Governors        
Angela Hughes no voting rights   12.02.20 12.02.24
Patsy Pritchard     25.11.14  
Denise Hall     03.07.19  

 Governors Attendance Record

Governor Full GB meetings Finance Curriculum
Sean Hutton      
Angela Hughes   N/A N/A
Tony Ewer     N/A
C. Salazar Lewis   N/A  
Jane Gossling     N/A
Mary Collins      
Matt Owen Farmer      
Sam Horne   N/A  
Anna Pillar      
Fiona Barrie   N/A


Nigel Cox      
Karen Bleazard      
Kelly Orvis      
Andy Revell      


Governors Business and Precuniary Interests

Name Business Nature of Business Nature of Interest Start Date Finish Date Entry Date
Tony Ewer Sable Tiger Ltd; Trend Monitor Ltd Property and Data Director 1996;1992   Oct 18
Angela Hughes Nil         Oct 18
Sean Hutton Chair, Wherwell Playing Fields Recreation Chair 1980   Oct 18
Mary Collins Headteacher         Oct 18
Ruth McNee Deputy Headteacher         Oct 18
Jane Gossling Nil         Oct 18
Sam Horne Nil         Oct 18
Matt Owen- Farmer Nil         Oct 18
Andrew Gibson Nil         Oct 18
Claudia Salazar-Lewis Nil         Oct 18
Fiona  Barrie Nil         Oct 18
Nigel Cox            
Anna Pillar            
Karen Bleazard