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Week Beginning 08.06.20 English Tasks 


I have uploaded a selection of English activities this week, your child does NOT have to complete them all, please feel free to have a look at the tasks and pick and choose the activities that your child has a go at this week. The Rumble in the Jungle activities are similar to those that we will be working through in school this week. The Phase 3 phonics activities are a few tasks involving the beginning few phase 3 sounds. The Space English tasks are a variety of English activities all based around the theme of Space. 


There are still lots of phonics resources, videos and reading book links on the phonics section of our Home Learning page. 

Rumble in the Jungle Activities 

This document suggests a few different English and art/creative activity ideas based around the book Rumble in the Jungle. There are links to access this story online in the document. Your child does not have to complete all of these tasks, you could choose a few to work on during the week if you would like. 

Rumble in the Jungle Look and Find activity - Your child could begin by completing the look and find activity and could then have a go at writing a sentence about something that thy can see in the look and find picture. 

Rumble in the Jungle Animal Word Mat - Your child may like to use this if they are having a go at some writing based on the Rumble in the Jungle animals. 

Space English Tasks


Your child could have a go at some/all of these English tasks, they are all based on space and all encourgage the use of different English skills. Please remember that your child does not have to complete the work on a printed sheet, you could look at the pictures/tasks on a device and your child could write your answers on a separate piece of paper or in a book.