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Autumn Term - Weekly Updates

Autumn Term 

End of Term and Nativity!

Robins Class worked incredibly hard during their Nativity rehearsals and performances, we thought they were all brilliant!! 


We enjoyed lots of Christmas activities and crafts in the last two weeks of term, we also had loads of fun on our Christmas Party afternoon, especially during our visit from Father Christmas!  

Nativity Photos

Week Beginning 22.11.21

Robins Class have been in full Nativity rehearsals mode this week! We've spent the week singing, creating actions for the songs, having a go at acting as our characters and working on saying our lines clearly. We've been particularly happy about using a few props in our rehearsals, the manger, Baby Jesus, Shaun the Sheep and the King's gifts caused a lot of excitement! 


As well as Nativity rehearsals, we've continued with our work on 2D shapes, we particularly enjoyed a game that involved sticking our hand into a bag containing shapes and trying to guess the shape without peeking!


In phonics this week, we have learnt - y z zz qu

We have now learnt 

Phase 2 - s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r h b f ff l ll ss 

Phase 3 - j v w x y z zz qu

Week Beginning 15.11.21

This week, we have enjoyed moving onto the story Room on the Broom, we had loads of fun on Thursday making our own potions (and lots of mess) outside and enjoyed designing our own 'truly magnificent' brooms.


In maths, we have begun investigating and learning the names of 2D shapes, we will be continuing this next week. 


In our phonics this week, we have continued practising our phase 2 sounds and have learnt the first four phase 3 sounds - j v w x.

Week Beginning 08.11.21

This week, we have enjoyed continuing with our story 'The Gruffalo'. We had loads of fun creating firework pictures (and rather a lot of mess too) on Monday and we've been really excited to finish learning the first big set of sounds in our phonics lessons!


We've now learnt the sounds s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r h b f ff l ll ss


Robins Class were fantastic on our walk down to the memorial in the village for Remembrance Day. They walked with their Year 6 buddies and were incredibly sensible. When we got back to school, we watched a beautiful Cbeebies Remembrance Day clip called 'Poppies'. We then spent Thursday afternoon and Friday creating our own artwork based on the 'Poppies' clip. We used watercolour paints, pastels and colouring pencils to create our pictures. Please see photos of some of the finished artwork below. 

Week Beginning 01.11.21

We've had a great first week back at school after the half term break, we've spent the week focussing on a story that we all know and love, The Gruffalo! We've started to create a Gruffalo cave in our classroom and have made some amazing Gruffalo faces! We're going to continue with our Gruffalo learning next week. 


This week, we've also begun learning the first few songs for our Christmas Nativity! We're all very excited about this at the moment and have enjoyed our singing this week. We'll be sending some information out to families about our Nativity soon. 


In our phonics this week, we have leant the sounds h and b.

We have now learnt s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r h b.

Robins Class are all working so hard on their phonics learning, we're very impressed!

Gruffalo Faces

Week Beginning 18.10.21

This week, Robins have focussed on a wonderful Percy the Park Keeper story 'After the Storm'. In the story, a huge storm blows down a big oak tree that was the home to lots of Percy's animal friends. We've spent the week designing and making new homes for the animals.


We had so much fun playing with some pumpkins and bubbly water in our outside area today! See the photos below for lots of wonderful pumpkin mess!! 


A few weeks ago, we put a bird feeder up on our window in the hopes that we'd see some birds. Robins were very excited and some of us even made pictures which we stuck on the window to let the birds know that the feeder was there. This morning, we were very excited to see our first bird (a little blue tit), eating from our bird feeder! 


In our phonics this week, we ;earnt e u r.

So far, we have learnt the sounds s a t p i n m d g o c ck e u r.

Week Beginning 11.10.21

This week, we started to think about autumn, we talked about the four seasons and about autumn in particular, this is something that we are going to continue next week. We used some pumpkins, conkers, fabric leaves and autumn words to create an autumn display in the classroom. Some of the children have enjoyed adding autumn leaves and sticks to this during the week. Please see a photo of this below. 


We felt rather festive earlier in the week when we made our Christmas card designs. These are always made early so that they can be sent off and then purchased on Christmas cards/present tags/tea towels etc in time for Christmas. 


We have started reading a wonderful Percy the Park Keeper book, we are going to focus on this story throughout next week. We also did a lot of counting this week and focussed individually on numbers 1 2 3 4 and 5. 


During our inside PE lesson, we enjoyed having a go at lots of different jumps on the PE mats, during our outside PE lesson, we played a few different running games. 


This week, in phonics, we learnt o c k and ck.

We have now learnt s a t p i n m d g o c k ck.

Autumn Display and Friday's music lesson

Week Beginning 04.10.21

This week, we had lots of fun playing with a HUGE cardboard box! We started with lots of drawing all over the box, we then chopped a few bits off the top which we painted blue for the sea, yellow for the sand and green for the grass (or seaweed). Miss Gilbody cut two doors into the box and we used it as both a police station, we also had loads of fun hiding in it!


We've been doing lots of counting in the last couple of days and have had a brilliant go at ordering numbers to 10 and also to 20!


We have continued to enjoy our phonics lessons this week, we've learnt three new sounds, had a great go at blending sounds together to read words and have had loads of fun listening to a few new Monster Phonics songs. 


This week, we learnt m d g.

So far, we have learnt the sounds s a t p i n m d g.

Our HUGE Box!

Week Beginning 25.09.21

This week, Robins have continued thinking about colours, we enjoyed working with Mrs Hill to mix two Primary Colours to make a third colour. 


We enjoyed another PE lesson in the hall and had a slightly different outdoor PE session due to the weather. We began inside with a yoga story (Robins loved this, we were very impressed with how well the all participated) and a dance and then headed out to the field for a few quick games in between rain showers!


This week, we thought back to The Colour Monster story and focussed on our feelings. We have created a feelings chart in the classroom using Colour Monster pictures that the children created. We encourage Robins to place their photos on the monster that represents how they are feeling at the moment. 


For our science, we have begun thinking about our bodies, we drew around some of our Robins and then labelled body parts. We also drew some fantastic self-portraits!


Today, we had our second music lesson with Mrs Elmslie, Robins enjoyed joining in with some songs and chants and had fun with some musical instruments too!


We have learnt three new sounds in our Monster Phonics lessons this week, we learnt p i n.

We have now learnt s a t p i n.

Week Beginning 20.09.21

This week, we enjoyed our first two PE lessons! Our first lesson was in the hall, we played a few games and had a go at moving around the hall in different ways. Our second PE lesson was on the field, we enjoyed playing a game that involved working in teams to turn cones over, had loads of fun pretending to be dragons and played a game that we called 'dragons tails'. 


We enjoyed continuing our Colour Monster word and all painted (some of us used glue and tissue paper too) our own Colour Monsters. These are now all up on our classroom walls looking very colourful! Whilst learning about The Colour Monster, we also spent a fun afternoon sorting lots of pictures and classroom objects into coloured groups!


This week, Robins Class joined the rest of the school on the field during playtimes and lunchtimes, we enjoyed this a lot!


We also had out first phonics lessons this week, we have been so impressed with how well our Robins listened and participated during these. This week, we learnt the sounds s a t.



Colour Sorting and The Colour Monster

Week Beginning 13.09.21

This week, we stayed for full days in school! We enjoyed our school lunches and had lots of plays on the playground and the field. We read The Colour Monster and The Colour Monster Goes to School. We've started making our own Colour Monster pictures which we will finish next week. 


We have chosen three 'targets' for Robins Class to work on this term, we've chosen 'I put my hand up', 'I line up with my friends' and 'I listen to others'.