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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Picture 1 Mrs M Collins, Headteacher -Class teacher - DSL
Picture 2 Mrs R McNee, Deputy HT- Class teacher - DDSL
Picture 3 Mrs Record, Class teacher
Picture 4 Mrs L Pyliotis , Class Teacher
Picture 5 Mrs M Evans, Class teacher
Picture 6 Miss Gilbody, Class teacher
Picture 7 Mrs A Elmslie, Music teacher
Picture 8 Mrs P Pritchard, Admin. Officer
Picture 9 Mrs D Hall, Admin. Assistant
Picture 10 Mrs L Tully, LSA and Woodpeckers Supervisor
Picture 11 Mrs N McIntyre, LSA
Picture 12 Mrs J Lord, LSA and Woodpeckers Assistant
Picture 13 Mrs J Dinkele, HLTA
Picture 14 Mrs E Woolven, LSA
Picture 15 Mrs J Shone, LSA and Librarian
Picture 16 Mrs K Wakefield, Librarian
Picture 17 Mrs J Simmonds, SENCO and DDSL
Picture 18 Mrs C Salazar-Lewis, HLTA - Website Administrator
Picture 19 Mrs V Short, Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 20 Mrs J Burnet, Caretaker
Picture 21 Miss L Young, LSA and Woodpeckers Assistant
Picture 22 Mrs R Hill, LSA and Breakfast club Assistant
Picture 23 Mrs Preston, Cook
Picture 24 Mrs Sudgen, Assistant Cook