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School Council

How are we elected?

There are 12-13 Councillors in total. Every school year votes for two representatives once a year. If any group is not represented, then the teachers will appoint no more than 2 co-opted members to give everyone a voice. This gives us children our first taste of democracy. 


What do we do?

We attend Council meetings where we discuss issues, events or any other matters that the children, The Councillors and the teachers think are appropriate. We then go back to our classrooms and discuss these with our classmates and if there are more issues that need to get agreement on, we will take them back to the Council meetings. Our meetings are moderated by Mrs Collins and Mrs Salazar-Lewis and take place on Wednesdays at least once a month.


Who are we?

This year we are Aimee-Lyn, Noah R, Freya, Ethan, Henry , Megan, Isabella, Rowan, Isla and Orla. Year R, will be given one term to get to know each other before they choose their candidates.





We are very pleased that the judge’s of this year’s House of Commons Speaker’s School Council Awards have selected Wherwell Primary School’s project on Huff and Puff Equipment as Highly Commended. This year, the competition received hundreds of entries so we would like to congratulate the work of our School Councillors from the last 2 years and to Mrs Collins and Mrs Salazar Lewis in supporting this project and receiving this special recognition from the judges.


Here you can find a copy of our School’s entry.

Your project: Huff and Puff Equipment

Q1. How did you decide on your project? *(char count: 1195)

  1. Children needed equipment to use during playtime. Therefore, the School Council had to come up with ideas on how to get the equipment and how to ensure its responsible use. The Councillors also had to brainstorm and decide how to supervise its use and how to replace any broken or lost items. The first step was to get the funding to be able to buy the equipment. Some of the children in the school ran fundraising table top sale, others donated their pocket money, class cake sales and Sainbury's vouchers. Once there were enough funds, the Councillors ran a consultation with their peers on what items should they include in each of the classes. They had two meetings in which they discussed and agreed how would this initiative be implemented and supervised. They decided to run a test and monitor the use the children were giving to the items. Once we gathered the feedback from all the classes on what items they wanted, each class was allocated a total of 12 colour coded items. The School Councillors drove the resources allocation and labelling to facilitate its monitoring. Finally, they presented the initiative to the whole school at Assembly. The program is ongoing.
What are we working on?

-New members induction.

-Huff and Puff reallocation of resources.

-Students questionnaire.

-Activating ideas from the event the KS2 Councillors attended at Test Valley School. Here is a brief description of the event:


Test Valley School – Student School Council Event



Today we went to Test Valley School for a council meeting. At the beginning we had groups of four and sat in a big row. On the right side we sat down and didn’t move but on the left side every two minutes you would get up and move to the next two sits. We did this to introduce ourselves to the other schools.

We then went to a table and met Eve and Elizabeth who are part of the Test Valley School Council then we got asked to sit at a chair and get to know the school councillors from other schools and after we got to know them we got put into groups to do some activities.

We were given some massive sheets with a word in the middle. My group said “parents” and we had to write on them how could we (as councillors) talk to the school parents.

We wrote down some questions about secondary school on posted notes and asked them to the TVS people. At the end, Lucy from TVS took us outside and showed us a very big swimming pool.

“My favourite part was making new friends”. Joshua W.

“Our favourite part of the day was getting to see the massive swimming pool” Aemonn S and Nola L.

I really liked the introduction and how we got to know each other having fun” Charlie M-B.

“My favourite part of the day was getting to know all of the other children who are in their school councils” Alexander L.

“I really enjoyed meeting all of the other councillors and the biscuits” Brenna F-W.


It was a very informative morning. All the children were very enthusiastic and took great pride in representing their school. There were lots of interesting ideas that we will start working on to improve our communication with parents, children, governors and the community.

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Other things we have worked in the past




House of Commons Speakers School Councils Award Highly Commended award given to our school for our project of Huff and Puff equipment.

Improving our internal communication and putting together information for our School Council Info Board.

The School Council has got a new board opposite reception. It has also been sharing all their information in a dedicated section on the Newsletter.

Consultation about School Dinners

With the introduction of the new menu, the School Council wanted to collect feedback from the children on the new dishes and on any other suggestions for future events such as Themed days. The School Council Board at reception also had a space for children from across the whole school to submit their anonymized feedback on the matter. 

All the information was put together and presented to the ladies in the kitchen.

School Council Meeting at Test Valley School

The main objectives were to create a joint pupil charter and to produce a guide to transition to secondary school and answer questions from primary schools.


The Councillors attended a meeting at Test Valley School on Tuesday 17th of May with children from other primary schools. Some of the questions they discussed included: Who do we represent?, How are we chosen?, Which British Values do we act out?, What are we here to do?, What are our priorities?, What should be on a school charter?. All the ideas have been collated and the answers will be emailed to all the Heads of each Primary School. The year 9 children from TVS were the moderators, answered questions and collated the information.  

Huff and Puff Playtime Equipment:

Finding ways in which we can improve our playtime, especially how we can improve our Huff and Puff equipment. The main objective is to be responsible for our play equipment and come up with different ways in which everyone is then responsible for looking after it.

It has been agreed that no new equipment will be purchased until the children show respect and care for the current equipment and start taking responsibility for it. Jacob, one of our sports ambassadors said: "After various meetings the School Council in conjunction with the Sports Ambassadors have agreed that no new equipment will be purchased until the children show respect, and care for the existing Huff and Puff and take responsibility for its proper use, so not throwing it over the roof".

James from School Council added: "The idea is that every class gets a box of equipment and they will have a point system, so they will receive points for good use and equipment will be taken out if its not being used correctly". The idea includes having some playground Ambassadors that will help supervising the good use of our current equipment.


In the meantime, whilst all the discussions are still going on, the School Council presented their suggestion to whole school during assembly to update their fellow class mates and to get more feedback in due course on how best to implement this initiative.

Tom (class 3- School Councillor) and Max (class 2) have also decided that in the meantime they could run a lucky dip to raise funds for any equipment that needs buying. They wrote letters to local business and managed to receive lots of donations in goods and vouchers for their initiative. Then last Friday they run a lucky dip of £1 a ticket and raised an amazing £65 for buying new equipment.


The children managed to raise £65 towards buying new equipment. However, before any new items are purchased, the children are looking at implementing ways in which each class has responsibility for their own Huff and Puff and they can show that they care and are making good use of the current equipment available.

First School Council Assembly : RESPECT


The School Council members gave up lots of their playtime to put together this wonderful assembly on one of our school values: Respect. The children shared through a number of examples how in playtime situations we show respect to our friends. In a very interactive way, they asked the audience who they respected, with some lovely examples of family, friends and school teachers. The School Council prior to the presentation, asked members of staff who they respected and then they read them out for the audience to try and guess who wrote them. Last but not least they all held hands and explained that how we are all part of a mossaique and although we are all different when we stick together we make a great picture. 

This is the first School Council Assembly. The hard work of the children showed the whole school good examples of what does it mean, who do we need to respect and why is it important.

They also highlighted that the contributions of the young children were just as important as the ones from year 6.


Well Done School Cllrs.  


Organizing Children in Need:


The School Council have been thinking about Children in Need. We have come up with the idea of

coming to school on Friday 13th November dressed as bears (or just with bear ears), or wearing hats and scarves. Now we all know Pudsey, so that part of the theme does not need an explanation. The School Council also thought carefully about what children who are in need may not have at this time of year when it is getting colder. We decided that a hat and scarf represents what they needed to keep warm.
Please don’t forget to bring in a small donation (we suggest £1). But also please don’t worry if you
don’t want to dress up – it’s not compulsory, just a bit of fun! “

By Zoe D (School Council – Year 4) 

Thanks to your generosity , the School raised £149,70 for Children in Need. Well done everyone!!!