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Readathon 2016

The Blog - Final Entry 22nd November 2016

Here are all the lovely new books we were able to buy with our Readathon Reward Voucher for the library. Thank you once again to everyone who took part!

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Total Success once again!

Well done to everyone who took part in the Readathon Challenge! This year the children raised £740,50 through their reading efforts for the chosen charities. More than 300 books read and the School's Library received £148 of vouchers to spend in new books. But the most important result is a whole school very excited by reading!. Well done to everyone but especially to our top three fundraisers, Nola, Mali and Frankie who were given £5 National Book Tokens in assembly for their efforts.

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Readathon is Back !!!


Once again, Mrs Wakefield and Mrs Shone are organising the Readathon. In 2014 the children  read 400 books and through their reading efforts, they managed to raise an astonishing £1136.55 for charity and over £220 in books for the school's library.


This year we are running the readathon to raise money for sick children. The children's fundraising efforts will go towards Together for Short Lives, CLIC Sargent and Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity.


In this section we will be sharing weekly blogs from Danielle and Jake in class 5 on the different activities to keep everyone up to date with the fundraising efforts and how big our reading display grows.


"Octopus" cut outs are available from Mrs Pritchard in reception.

The Blog - Fourth Week


Our Readathon oceans are overflowing around the corridor with flying fish, crawling crabs, shuffling shells, diving dolphins and our second octopus. Gaby in class 2 must be on some special underwater reading mission in her yellow submarine as she has now completed two octopus, each with 8 books of tentacles - making a grand total of 16 stories. Keep casting your nets and fishing rods so that we can reel in even more tales. Maison has been reading "Socks" and Freida shared "Princess Poppy's Birthday" with her mum. Anike enjoyed one of my favourites "Dear Zoo" and Charlie in Class 2 has read "The Boy and the Tiger". Eddie completed "The Slime" which sounds like a slippery tale and Isabella has been reading "Grandads Bench". Aeryn in Class 4 enjoyed "The Boy who cried Wolf" and Gwen finished "The Golden Compass". 

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The Blog - Third Week - The first Octopus has appeared


We are so excited to report that the sea around the corridor is now already teeming with shoals of fish and other wonderful sea creatures. We even have our first octopus - the challenge of reading 8 books to complete all of its tentacles was completed by Gaby from class 2. It's so good to see how much the children around the school love to read and all of the children we have spoken to have told us how much they are enjoying the opportunity to loose themselves in a story. Holly Rose has enjoyed "The Worst Witch All at Sea", Georgina had fun reading "Meg on the Moon", David has completed "The Twits" by Roald Dahl and Alishya hopefully didn't have nightmares after reading "Goosebumps!".

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The Blog - Second Week

The first fishes are appearing on our display

The first fishes are appearing on our display 1


The Launch at School Assembly, 1st of March

The Launch at School Assembly, 1st of March 1
The Launch at School Assembly, 1st of March 2
The Launch at School Assembly, 1st of March 3
The Launch at School Assembly, 1st of March 4
The Launch at School Assembly, 1st of March 5
The Launch at School Assembly, 1st of March 6

Readathon initial consultation meeting

Readathon initial consultation meeting 1