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School Fete!!!

BIG thank you to evereryone that helped before, during and after the Schoool Fete. We raised £4,100, which will go to the PTA funds to continue enhancing children's educational experience.

Your PTA Officers

Nicola Plummer, Chairperson (Tilly's mum in Class 3)

Juliet Hurst, Vice-chairperson (Lillie's grandmother in Class 3 and School Caretaker)

Louise Benning, Treasurer (Paige's mum in Class 3)

Sarah Horne, Secretary (Amelia's mum in Class 3)

About the PTA


On behalf of the PTA welcome to our lovely school.


The Wherwell School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a Registered Charity run by a team of volunteer mums, dads, grandparents, governors and members of staff.


Our main objective is to raise funds to spend on the children to enhance their educational experience.


We hold a number of fundraising events and fun acivities during the school year for the children and their families.



Our motto is ‘Many Hands Make Light Work’ and we are always trying to encourage new parents to join us. You can be involved as much or as little as you like. We hold meetings every month, but we understand that sometimes it is hard to come to all of them. Therefore, you could take one project on board and make it your own or put your name forward to help with at least one activity during the year.


We are extremely lucky to have so many parents who are generous with both their time and resources. This has enabled us to hold some really successful fundraising and non fundraising initiatives like the Spring Fete, Harewood Forest Fun Run, Curry and Quiz Night, Film Club, Bags 2 School, Cakes Sales, Summer BBQ, Easter activities, Christmas cards, Christmas Parties and Christmas Hamper Raffle to name just a few.


With the funds raised during the last few years the PTA has been able to:


  • Refurbish the children’s kitchen including new appliances and accessories
  • Refurbish the library including new furniture, librarian software, books and book covers
  • Restore the school pond and its surroundings
  • Pay for contractors to carry out safety work in our woodland
  • Assist with the cost of coach travel for school trips, including to the Christmas pantomime
  • Pay for additional equipment on the trim trail, including the KS1 Pirate Boat
  • An outdoor classroom with all its electrics
  • An interactive whiteboard for the computer suite
  • A data projector and laptop for the school hall, benefitting class assemblies and meetings
  • A digital camera for each classroom
  • Listen 2 Me music programme for years 3 and 4 over the last 2 years


In addition we have paid for:


  • Presents for the children at the Christmas parties
  • An outdoor camera for the woodland
  • Picnic benches
  • Curriculum resources
  • Sand and water play equipment and outdoor suits for Class 1
  • Easy listening equipment
  • Games markings on the playground
  • Huff and Puff equipment and its storage unit
  • Two maypoles, costumes and school bunting
  • Commemorative medals and flags to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee
  • Plant pots to enhance the School’s entrance
  • Class one gardening materials and fencing
  • Bicycle rack
  • A PTA news board to improve communication with parents and carers
  • Chicken coop
  • Bird food throughout the year
  • Table tennis tables


As you can see, the PTA plays an important role in making our school a much more fun place for the children and their families. But we cannot do it alone. We need all the help that we can get to make every event a succesful one. If you wish to get involved or come to one of our meetings, we would love to hear from you. Look out on our board in the playground for more information on ways of getting in touch.