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Welcome to Class 3. We hope that you will find the information on our Class page both interesting and useful. Thank you for taking the time to look and share in some of our adventures and learning.

Summer Newsletter

Grammar Information

Class 3 Olympic Values Week

Class 3 Owl's visit


On Wednesday the children were visited by a very special guest. The 22 year old Owl called Marmite enjoyed the company of the children whilst they had a very interesting talk from the Hawk conservancy. The children were very interested in all that Miriam (Marmite's handler) had to tell them and went on to write their own accounts from their experience. In the afternoon the children had the opportunity to draw their own owls. Taking inspiration from the lovely owls made by the class's Brownie's with their very own Brown Owl, on Friday the children made their own owls out of colourful old socks. Marmite was an absolute star and him and Miriam were very impressed with the children's knowledge. We all really enjoyed his visit.

Our Climate and Weather Assembly


Today the children in class 3 presented a highly informative and entertaining Assembly. They started with a detailed weather report for the UK and for key places around the world, including Paris, Quito and the North Pole. Following this descriptive work, the children shared some of their industrious amount of writing including stories such a "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs". The audience were also informed about interesting facts on weather and climate, including how to talk about weather in German. Furthermore, the children presented their very own reflections on what Climate change means for us and for our environment with some useful tips on how we could all help to make a difference. They also showed us they have had fun learning poems and singing in addition to their interpretation of "Lila and he Secret of Rain". The children gave a great insight into their hard work, their imaginative writing and their highly confident reading. 

Test Valley Movement Festival

The children from class 3 had a wonderful time at Test Valley School this week where they were greeted with great enthusiasm by ex-Wherwell pupils and took part in an energetic and vigorous manner. Once again our children making the school proud with their outstanding behaviour. Thank you to the fleet of parents that helped with the transport arrangements, we couldn't have done it without you!.

Teacher Build Futures Award

Mrs Collins had a very surprising assembly indeed this afternoon. Unbeknown to her Tom Hanley had nominated her for a "Teachers build Futures" Award in a competition run by First News and K'nex and won. Here is an extract from Tom's letter explaining why he thinks Mrs Collins should get this award- and happily the judges agreed with him.

"I think you should pick my teacher because she never fails us. When we get something wrong Mrs Collins goes through it with us to help us learn from the mistakes we made. She makes us feel good when we make mistakes, because we always learn from them. Sometimes, when we make a mistake Mrs Collins said "great job".

Mrs Collins's prize included some K'nex for use in class and Tom also won some for him to take home. Mrs Collins was unaware of the competition, Tom's nomination or her award until she was surprised in assembly today!. Well done Tom and Mrs Collins!

Persuasive writing like an OREO

Class 3 learned this week why persuasive writing is like an Oreo.   To start with you need to state your objective – this is the firm biscuit; then you need to give your reasons – this is the cream filling – and finally you need to restate your objectives – the second biscuit!


They tried out this skill this week when writing to Mr King requesting an extra week’s holiday for the class.   To remind themselves of the Oreo principle they were well supplied with these biscuits whilst carrying out the task.


The resultant persuasive writing is now displayed in Class 3!


Let's Dance!

The children had a very different PE lesson this week. Rachel Hynes from Lockerley Primary School, came in to work with the children in some very catching dance routines. This is part of a project to share expertise throughout the cluster schools. Children and staff had the opportunity to experience new approaches to teaching and learning PE.

Bee Bot Mats


The children in class 3 have been designing and testing their own bee bot mats. They have enjoyed using bee bot to plan and develop a sequence of instructions (an algorithm), executing it and debugging.

Victorian Day


The children in class 3 had an amazing Wednesday when their Victorian topic came alive. They experienced first hand how it was like to be a child in Victorian times. The costumes and their surroundings took them back in time-  including the way in which their class was set out and Mrs Collins changing her interactive board for chalk. At the end of the day, the Victorian Museum opened its doors and children were able to share with parents their work and delight them with an Oliver Twist type singing. At the end they all concluded that it was definitively better to be a child of our times.

Here are some of the quotes from the children:

"Fun and exciting", Alex, "fun and tried lots of things", Dolcie,

"fun and breath taking", Isabella, "we did Victorian handwriting", Lillie,

"liked doing drill", Otto, "Most fun part was dressing up", Ottilia,

"I would rather be a child now than in Victorian times", Tom,

"We changed the date to Tuesday 9th of February 1896", Rowan,

"I enjoyed it when we learnt lots of new things about the Victorians", Charlotte,

"The teachers dressed up as Victorian teachers", David. 

Chinese New Year - The year of the Monkey


On Monday the 8th of February the children in class 3 had the opportunity to learn about Chinese culture. They had a look at a presentation on the New Year, why and how it is different from the New Year in UK and with Eddie's help, Mrs Collins explained some of the traditions which mark this celebration. The children also learnt about which animal they were represented in the Chinese calendar and had a go at colouring their own Dragon. At the end, thanks to Mrs Chen's (Eddie's mum) kind donation, the children were given a red envelope with chocolates and a fortune cookie.


Class 3 Space Walk


The children have been closely monitoring British astronaut Tim Peake's space adventure from the mission launch. This has really captured their imagination and today they were able to follow the Spacewalk from the comfort of their own classroom. They had the privilege to appreciate how technology is part of our everyday life and it has moved on so much that a spacewalk can be followed live from Wherwell.

This week in Class 3 we have been looking great fun looking at the book: "How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth" as a way of giving commands.


DT project- boat building

Class 3 Classified

English Homework 6.11.15

Grammar Information Sheet

A useful website for doubling, halving, number bonds and timestables.
 All Aboard for a Titanic Adventure !!!
On 21st September Class 3 had a lovely trip to the Titanic Museum in Southampton. Whilst we were there we had great fun  dressing up as passengers and members of the crew, learning what a huge impact the disaster had on the town of Southampton at the time, stoking the fires to keep the ship sailing and much more. Thank you very much to the people who came with us to help us on the day and a huge thank you to the PTA for their very generous funding.

Fun and great learning at the Titanic Museum in Southampton

Gathering Apples

Autumn Newsletter 2015

Class 3 Classified 11.9.15